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A unique NFT Marketplace that gives power to players

DappRadar is pleased to announce the integration of the GameStop NFT Marketplace. DappRadar’s 1 million monthly site visitors can now stay ahead of the game by analyzing which NFT collections attract the highest trading volume, unique user wallets, and are building value.

The marketplace launched successfully on July 11, challenging other competitors in the space. Additionally, GameStop also offers a native crypto wallet.

The GameStop NFT Marketplace enables gamers, creators, and passionate NFT collectors to buy, sell, and trade digital collectibles. Community members can trade NFTs with a slick user interface that ensures the best user experience. 

Trading activity on GameStop NFT collections will be reflected in our NFT Marketplace Rankings. DappRadar’s suite of NFT tools lets you find and prepare for upcoming NFT drops and special edition mints and dive into individual collections using accurate market data and metadata filters. Finally, you can track the activity and follow the smart money using the DappRadar Portfolio Tracker.   

What kind of collections can you find on GameStop?

You can find  NFT collections from diverse creators, communities, and global brands. Currently, minting on the GameStop NFT marketplace is open to select creators only — interested creators will need to apply

Source: GameStop NFT Marketplace

How does GameStop give power to players? 

The foundation to empower gamers is strong. The beta marketplace is built on the Layer 2 solution, Loopring. This means low fees and high transaction speed, secured by the Ethereum mainnet.  

Moreover, GameStop is naturally focused on games and is well positioned to become the bridge between traditional gamers and blockchain games. The focus in this area is clear by soon bringing Immutable X to their platform. 

What is Immutable X? 

Immutable X is a Layer 2 blockchain focused on NFTs and gaming, which supports the minting and trading of digital assets on its Ethereum-based Layer 2 network. They are fast and offer low-cost transaction fees. Immutable X is home to popular games like Illuvium, Gods Unchained, and Guild of Guardians

GameStop and IMX Grant Program

With Immutable X, GameStop calls on builders and game developers, AAA studios, publishers, e-sports companies, leading brands, and more to join their grant program. The $100 million IMX grant depends on the partner and may include funding, feedback on delivered milestones, potential partner introductions, limited technical support, and/or marketing and design support. 

Interested parties can apply here. 

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