160 Games Joined BNB Chain Ranking on DappRadar in H2 2022

160 Games Joined BNB Chain Ranking on DappRadar in H2 2022
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MegaWorld, Ultimate Champions, Puffverse, and more are coming to the BNB Chain.

BNB Chain has become one of the most favored blockchains among game developers, as DappRadar has seen the addition of 160 games from the blockchain in the second half of 2022. Among the latest successes connecting with the BNB ecosystem, we see MegaWorld, Ultimate Champions, and Puffverse. 


  • A growing number of high-profile projects have chosen to expand their ecosystem to the BNB Chain.
  • They include MegaWorld, Ultimate Champions, Puffverse, and StepN.
  • The projects chose BNB Chain for different reasons but they are mainly attracted by its large user base, mature ecosystem, and diverse funding opportunities.

BNB Chain’s scalability, security, affordability, and ease of use are essential factors that make developers and enterprises want to deploy their dapps. Furthermore, BNB Chain provides financial and operational support to promising projects to reach a wider user base.

Following Ultimate Champions, MegaWorld has announced its expansion to BNB Chain. To celebrate the event and attract BNB Chain users’ attention, the project will host an airdrop worth $1 million.

MegaWorld, the metaverse platform, will make its grand BNB Chain debut on Dec 15, 2022. In addition to the airdrop, MegaWorld added that early backers and active community members would have access to rare in-game assets.

Without a doubt, the future of blockchain is multi-chain, but MegaWorld is not the first project to prioritize scaling to BNB Chain. Currently, there are over 800 game projects on BNB Chain, 734 of which can be viewed on DappRadar for critical metrics such as active wallets, transactions, and volume. Many of these games have either migrated to BNB Chain or added BNB to their ecosystem.

BNB Chain gamed apps

Next, we will look at what other high-profile gaming dapps have joined the BNB bandwagon.

Dapps that expanded to BNB Chain

Ultimate Champions received $4 million in funding from Binance

Ultimate Champions recently announced that it will have its deployment on BNB Chain and will be available on the Binance fan token platform. The partnership is also backed by $4 million from Binance Labs. Ultimate Champions will use the funds raised to develop its game further, secure additional sports partners, and grow its community.

Ultimate Champions is a free-to-play fantasy sports game on the Polygon network. Recently, the game has been riding the World Cup fever to become one of the most played games. In the last 30 days, Ultimate Champions has seen a 103% increase in unique active wallets, an 87% growth in transactions, and a 60% increase in trading volume.

BNB Chain gamed Ultimate Champions

StepN seeks to increase its user base on BNB Chain 

StepN used to be the flagship move-to-earn dapp on the Solana blockchain. In April, the fitness gaming platform joined the BNB Chain ecosystem and released the ASICS x StepN limited edition sneakers on Binance NFT Marketplace.

Xiaomi-backed Puffverse migrating to BNB Chain

Puffverse is a 3D metaverse game backed by the electronics giant Xiaomi. The game previously launched its Genesis NFT collection on the Ethereum network. Later, Puffverse participated in the BNB Chain Builder Grant in early October and successfully won the prize. 

As a result, Puffverse will utilize this fund to develop the project and to deploy it on BNB Chain as a priority. The game features a delightful visual style that reminds users of Super Mario 3D World.

Projects seek funding, user base, and a seamless ecosystem on BNB Chain

DappRadar tracks over 12,000 dapps on 49 networks, including Ethereum, BNB Chain, Solana, Wax, Polygon, etc. According to DappRadar’s Industry Overview, BNB Smart Chain (BSC) registered the most unique active wallets in the industry over this past year. In addition, the blockchain is second only to Ethereum in terms of transaction volume over the past 30 days.

BNB Chain’s large and engaged user base is one of the key reasons this network has attracted so many projects.

On top of that, Binance Labs focuses on finding and supporting technical teams in the industry to build up the Web3 ecosystem faster. Projects that received funding from Binance Labs during the year included Ultimate Champions, Hooked, Tatsumeeko, Sky Mavis, GAMEE, and Mavia. Its ambition for Web3 gaming is evident to all.

Last but not least, BNB Chain has one of the most robust ecosystems in the industry. So the synergy of combining its centralized exchange with an EVM-compatible blockchain, and a native wallet, and its vast network of users, is definitely an attractive proposition for dapp developers.

Blockchain gaming pushes Web3 forward

With 1.9 million Unique Active Wallets, blockchain games are responsible for 42% of all the wallets that interact with blockchain applications. At the moment, we see the following blockchain ecosystem leading the market:

  • Wax, with its hit game Alien Worlds
  • Hive, thanks to the trading card game Splinterlands
  • Immutable X, offering Gods Unchained, Guild of Guardians, and more
  • and Ronin, which hosts Axie Infinity and is now opening up to more developers. 

All those active wallets have been responsible for $55 million in NFT trading volume during October and November. During that time Gods, Unchained made a big splash, as it was responsible for 60% of all the trading volume. By attracting gaming projects with funding, BNB Chain hopes to take a piece of the pie. 
DappRadar will continue monitoring the latest developments of the Web3 gaming world and BNB Chain. Follow us on Twitter, Discord, and Youtube to keep up with the dynamic blockchain world.

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