Gamers Speculate Big on MegaCryptoPolis as MEGA Token Pumps 863%

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City building game transforming into a virtual world

MegaCryptoPolis has seen its MEGA token jump up in value by 863% from $5.55 on Friday to a peak of almost $50 on Monday. The increase of the token valuation goes hand-in-hand with a 60% increase in on-chain activity and the announcement of new features.

Within 24 hours the value of MEGA skyrocketed, and there was more than $2.5 million in trading volume. This happened because the developers revealed upcoming game features.

MegaCryptoPolis recently moved large parts of its game mechanics over from both Tron and Ethereum, to the Polygon blockchain. Buildings in the game produce resources, like wood or metal, which are required by other buildings. Players can lock those resources into a vault, and in return they receive MEGA. 

In addition, the team will soon transform their city-building game into a 3D virtual world. Here players will have an apartment or office, which they will need to decorate. This again requires resources, and therefore the MEGA token is useful.  

MEGA is an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain. You can learn more about the MEGA token here.

MegaCryptoPolis NFTs

Aside from the player-driven tokenomics of the MEGA token, MegaCryptoPolis also taps into another hot trend in the blockchain space: NFTs. Players can own a piece of virtual land, which is an NFT. These land parcels exist on both the Tron and Ethereum blockchain. 

However, many other game elements from MegaCryptoPolis, can be found on Polygon, like for example resources, vehicles, factories, buildings, and in the near future also furniture. 

MegaCryptoPolis taps deep into DeFi and NFTs. Therefore the DappRadar Portfolio Tracker is the perfect way to keep an eye on your assets. Especially if you’re a liquidity provider in one of the MEGA liquidity pools on Uniswap.

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