Gamers Soon Buy into VulcanVerse Using Credit Card

vulcanverse fiat onramp

From fiat to PYR was never easier

VulcanVerse has announced that it’s working with Ramp Network to build a fiat on-ramp for its ecosystem, allowing users to smoothly buy PYR using their credit card. They can then go onto the NFT marketplace to acquire Vulcanites or a land plot. 

At the moment users first need to buy crypto from a third-party exchange, then swap that crypto for PYR. After that, the PYR tokens need to be moved to the marketplace to acquire an NFT. This rather complex process will be circumvented with the introduction of a fiat on-ramp, allowing VulcanVerse users to buy PYR tokens on the Polygon blockchain using a credit card. 

Vulcan Forged is working with Ramp Network, which will take care of all the credit card payments. Furthermore, the game company works with Venly, formerly known as Arkane Network, QuickSwap, and 1inch. Everything happening within the Vulcan Forged ecosystem, needs to be accessible through the native wallet. These companies, which all have a stake in the Polygon blockchain ecosystem, will support Vulcan’s efforts. 


The Vulcan market heating up

Six months ago VulcanVerse organized their land sale and sold virtual land for approximately $80 per parcel. Since that time the value of virtual land has soared. Since mid-April gamers can only pay using the native PYR token. Within weeks trading volume on the platform tripled from $5 million to $15 million. 

Nowadays, land plots that get listed for $1,000 are picked up instantly. The most expensive sale so far has been a plot on the corner next to Vulcan City. This centrally located land parcel sold for approximately $32,000. Last week, the biggest sale so far happened on the native marketplace, as someone acquired a bundle of two lands and a legendary card for Berserk for $96,000. 

All the purchases require PYR.

PYR important to Vulcan ecosystem

PYR is at the center of the ecosystem’s entire play-to-earn economy. Gamers can earn PYR by playing dapps in the Vulcan Forged ecosystem. They can then spend their tokens on FIRE, which can then be used to acquire items from the marketplace. In addition, there are various staking options available. 

However, inside the flagship game VulcanVerse gamers use PYR to upgrade their NFT land or NFT god characters. Each level increase requires a certain amount of PYR, while players also need to stake extra PYR into their NFT. Upgraded land gives players a share of the monthly PYR rewards from the staking pool. 

Furthermore, staking PYR in god NFTs will for example increase the rewards with 10% per level increase, and the LAVA rewards players receive while playing Vulcan Forged games. In addition, there are NFT farming activities that require players to stake their PYR in order to grow a seed into a full fledged NFT item. 

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