Gamers Now Have New Ways to Earn Daily TOWN Rewards

Gamers Now Have New Ways to Earn Daily TOWN Rewards

Town Star introduces new challenge mechanics and Power Hour

Gala Games has introduced a couple of new in-game mechanics allowing players to earn TOWN rewards in Town Star. The competitive farming game is among the most popular play-to-earn games in the Gala Games network. What’s more these new reward paths are a much-anticipated development. 

The first important update to rewards in Town Star is the new Dynamic Star Challenges system, launching on March 1st, 2022. This is a set of new daily challenges based on the number of stars players will need to earn in order to complete them. Until now, Town Star players had to gather 1,000 stars to successfully complete the daily challenge. 

With the new Dynamic Star Challenges system players will get increasingly higher star requirements once they’ve completed the previous daily challenge. In this sense, the first Daily Challenge with a new town will be to earn 500 Stars. Once completed, the next day’s challenge will be to earn 750 Stars. After that, the Daily Challenge will require players to earn 1,000 Stars. This rough pattern will continue all the way until the 31st Daily Challenge in the series. The final daily challenge of the month will require you to earn a whopping 8,000 Stars.

Importantly, getting stuck on a daily challenge is possible. The mechanism only allows you to move on to the next tier if you’ve successfully completed all previous daily challenges. In this sense, at any point, you might be stuck on the same daily challenge for more than a day. 

Even more TOWN rewards with Power Hour

Aside from the new Dynamic Star Challenges system, Town Star will also welcome Power Hour. The Power Hour is a revisited TOWN earning mechanism. It looks to improve the system determining how many NFTs players can put in their town. 

Currently, players get a maximum NFT capacity based on their GALA and TOWN token holdings. At the time of writing, the functioning formula determining Gala Power is as follows: the amount of GALA, added to double the amount of TOWN tokens in your wallet. However, after researching the topic in-depth, the Gala Games team realized that about 98% of players earn less than 1,000 TOWN per day. This diminishes their Gala Power score. 

In order to improve this balance, the team is launching a revised mechanism for Gala Power. The new mechanic will introduce a sort of bonding curve that ties the maximum earnings to the amount of TOWN holdings required. In other words, as the amount of TOWN rewards increases, the amount of TOWN players have to hold increases as well. The basic formula for this new Gala Power calculation is:

If you want to make a predictive calculation about your future Gala Power, after the Power Hour campaign is released, you can check out the official Gala Games TOWN calculator

Both of these rewards mechanics aim to make Town Star an even more lucrative play-to-earn opportunity. 

DappRadar will continue monitoring the Gala Games ecosystem and Town Star. To learn more about Town Star, check out all previous coverage here. Additionally, you can follow DappRadar on Twitter to learn the latest blockchain gaming news first. 

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