Gamers Embrace Binamars NFT Game After Hack


User activity spikes 841% in 24 hours

Even though the NFT game Binamars is only two weeks old, the GameFi dapp has already overcome an attack by hackers. As the developers relaunched their product, user activity hit an all-time high. 

On Monday August 30th, Binamars registered more than 3,400 transactions from 3,600 user wallets after they relaunched their dapp. The days before there was hardly any activity on the platform, because Binamars closed its NFT farm and its game marketplace. 

Binamars is a relatively new game on Binance Smart Chain in which players can use their NFTs to battle and earn BMARS tokens. The game launched on August 18th, but less than two weeks later, hackers used a bug in the farm contract to steal NFTs from the staking farm. The developers were fast to control the bug, and they’ve refunded the community. 

Hackers abused a smart contract and stole some NFTs. When the developers discovered this, they halted all smart contract activity. After that they migrated all the assets to a new, improved contract. Players now need to move and upgrade their assets themselves, and the old ones will no longer work in the game. 

Lots of GameFi activity on BSC

Binamars is one of many new game products on Binance Smart Chain. Each of these games fit in the GameFi category, combining elements of gaming, NFT collecting and decentralized finance. Across a variety of gaming dapps, Binance Smart Chain registers roughly 430,000 active user wallets per week.

The biggest games on Binance Smart Chain are CryptoBlades, Mobox NFT Farmer, X World Games, and CryptoZoon. These titles compete with other gaming products in the blockchain space. In the top 10 games according to data from DappRadar, there are 4 dapps running on Binance Smart Chain. Each of them combines elements from yield farming with NFT collecting, often packaged as idle or classic arcade games.

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