Gamers Can Win $150,000 in REVV Racing Tournament

REVV Racing tournament
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The TOWER Cup started this Friday

Animoca Brands has launched the TOWER Cup, a new play-to-earn tournament for the race game REVV Racing. Players can compete from this Friday until Thursday, September 9th, and the 1,000 best players will win $59 up to $12,000. 

During the REVV Racing TOWER Cup Tournament gamers can win a share of the prize pool by competing in the races. Animoca Brands will hand out $100,000 in REVV tokens and $50,000 in TOWER tokens. The top 3 players will also receive a special NFT trophy, commemorating their magnificent performance. In addition all players competing will receive 500 gems, to be used in the mobile play-to-earn game Crazy Defense Heroes.

After the Inaugural Event and the recent Speed Sessions, this is already the third event for REVV Racing. In order to compete in the tournament, players need to have at least one race car NFT. Players will race in time-trials, during which they need to drive the fastest total race time over 3 laps. Every player can try 20 times, after which they need to pay 5 REVV tokens for every extra try. 

To qualify for a prize in the TOWER Cup, players will need to hold their car NFT in their wallet until the final winners list has been confirmed. Cars minted now, after the event started, aren’t eligible to compete. 

The REVV ecosystem

REVV Racing is a browser-based racing game that allows players to compete in races when they have a Car NFT in their wallet. Users will need Metamask in order to connect the game to their wallet. This racing game launched in August, and is the latest addition to Animoca Brands’ REVV Motorsport ecosystem

Aside from REVV Racing there’s a variety of other racing games, including F1 Delta Time, Formula E: High Voltage, and MotoGP Ignition. Each of these games plays on a different blockchain, giving the REVV token a broad reach across multiple chains. For example, F1 Delta Time and REVV Racing run on the Polygon blockchain, while MotoGP Ignition works on Flow. This week Formula E: High Voltage had its first NFT sale on Binance Smart Chain. 

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