Gamer Spent $345,310 on F1 Delta Time Race Car

f1 delta time race car
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Almost tripled in value in just 3 months

A collector or gamer spent 3 million REVV tokens or $345,310 on the 70th Anniversary Edition race car for F1 Delta Time, making it the biggest trade on the secondary market so far. The vehicle originally sold for 987,000 REVV or approximately $130,000 three months ago.

F1 Delta Time is a racing game in which players own race cars, car parts, drivers and race tracks. Ownership over these items can either create passive income paid in REVV, or improve the performance on the race tracks. Obviously gamers can also win REVV tokens by competing in online tournaments.

In the past 30 days F1 Delta Time seen 268 NFT sales happen within their community. These sales generated a total volume of more than $630,900. All-time sales have reached $4,92 million so far.

The racing game by Animoca Brands has been around for quite some time. NFT investment fund Metapurse has acquired both the 1-1-1 racing car and the first Apex race track for the game. These items sold for 415,9 ETH and 9 million REVV respectively.

F1 Delta Time NFT wallets

Metapurse has a wallet dedicated to F1 Delta Time. Here you will find $511,000 in REVV tokens. Even more impressive is the collection of 470 NFTs with an estimated value of $2,9 million.

Metakovan is the nickname of Vignesh Sundaresan, a blockchain entrepreneur and angel investor. He’s the person behind the Metapurse fund, the B20 Beeple collection and many other endeavours in the NFT and crypto space. His personal wallet contains $4,5 million in token holdings, and hundreds of artworks and virtual land plots in The Sandbox, Cryptovoxels and Somnium Space.

REVV token explained

F1 Delta Time isn’t the only game that uses the REVV token, and that’s what makes the ecosystem unique. Animoca Brands wants to make REVV a token for all kinds of racing games, across a variety of blockchain ecosystems. F1 Delta Time currently supports both Ethereum and Polygon, while MotoGP Ignition on the Flow blockchain will also tap into the token.

Furthermore there are games like Night Driver and Fatal Run by Atari, which will support REVV. While Animoca Brands licensed the rights to Formula E, adding another racing game to their stable.

Learn more about REVV token here on DappRadar

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