Game Company Ubisoft Brings Raving Rabbids into The Sandbox

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Ubisoft will bring more IPs into the metaverse. Bwaaaahhhhhhh!

The Sandbox and French gaming company Ubisoft have announced a partnership, as the gaming giant brings the Raving Rabbids, one of its established brands, into the metaverse. The crazy rabbits from Raving Rabbids will enter The Sandbox on Ubisoft’s own virtual estate, filled with interactive experiences. 

Ubisoft will bring digital assets, including items and characters, to the community of The Sandbox. Allowing anybody to create new games or experiences using these NFT assets. Ubisoft’s own virtual estate is located close to other brands, including Adidas.

Recently Ubisoft introduced NFTs in their online shooter Ghost Recon Breakpoint. Players could win NFTs for free on the energy-friendly Tezos blockchain. However, the news caused a big backlash as anything involving NFTs tends to be a red flag for gamers. In addition Ubisoft invested in Dogami.

Introducing Raving Rabbids

Raving Rabbids made its splash into the world of digital entertainment on the Nintendo Wii. In 2006 Ubisoft released Rayman Raving Rabbids, and quickly after the Raving Rabbids separated themselves and became their own franchise. The crazy rabbits have appeared in over 20 different games and their own television show. 

However, this is not the first time we see the Raving Rabbids on the blockchain. In June 2020 Ubisoft released an NFT collection called Raving Rabbids Token, and proceeds went directly to UNICEF.

Rabbids Token-225
Raving Rabbids NFT for UNICEF

The Sandbox opening up for brands

Ubisoft isn’t the first company to step into The Sandbox. The gaming-infused virtual world of The Sandbox has attracted hundreds of partners, including mainstream brands like Adidas, Atari, Smurfs, Care Bears, and The Walking Dead. In addition it has attracted celebrities and artists like Deadmau5, Avenged Sevenfold, Richie Hawtin, and Snoop Dogg.

All this attention for the metaverse and brands associating them with The Sandbox has had a strong impact on token and land prices. The cheapest land parcels are now more than $10,000, while land would cost less than $2,000 back in October 2021.

At the same time the native SAND token was less than a dollar before the final days of October 2021. Since then the token peaked at $8.40 and now has a value of $4.61. Users, players and investors can use SAND to buy virtual real estate or digital assets, while the token also serves as a game reward. 
Which gaming franchise would you like to see step into the metaverse and embrace NFTs and play-to-earn? Discuss this and more with the DappRadar community on Discord.

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