Gam3 Awards 2023, Which Game Will Win?

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Vote on your favorite game, and watch the live show on 14 December

DappRadar has a seat on the jury for the Gam3 Awards 2023, hosted by Polkastarter Gaming. Robert Hoogendoorn, Sr. Communications Manager at DappRadar, has already submitted his votes for the game award show, which will take place on 14 December 2023.

For the second year, the Gam3 Awards will take place and put the spotlight on the intersection between gaming entertainment and blockchain technology. After opening nominations to the community, the Gam3 Awards now has the jury selecting their individual finalists.

The organization introduced three new categories, Fighting, Racing / Sports and On-chain. In each of the 16 categories the jury members pick 5 nominees. Over 60 jury members from the Web3 industry have been invited to participate. Based on the jury’s vote, there will then be 5 finalists per category. 

In the final round, both the jury and the public can pick a winner from the 5 finalists per category. Here the jury vote carries a 90% weight, while the community has 10% voting power. However, specific categories like the People’s Choice Award and the Best Content Creator award rely entirely on votes from the community. 

Voting will close on 1 December 2023, and the winners will be announced during the livestream on 14 December 2023. Make an account on, if you’re interested in voting on the game of the year.

Gam3 Awards 2023 nominees

With 16 categories and dozens of games per category, the list of potential winners goes into the hundreds. Below you will find a small selection of nominated games, which you can also find on DappRadar. 

  1. Splinterlands – Trading card game
  2. Nine Chronicles – Idle RPG
  3. Axie Infinity – Tactical battle game
  4. Star Atlas – Space MMO
  5. Pixels – MMORPG
  6. Aavegotchi – GameFi ecosystem
  7. Phantom Galaxies – MMO action game
  8. Illuvium – online action role playing game
  9. Cross the Ages – trading card game
  10. Parallel – trading card game

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