Cowboy Battle Game GRIT Looking for Gala Games Community Approval

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Community voters will decide if this town is big enough for another partner

Gala Games has announced a planned partnership with Team GRIT, subject to a node vote. Together, they plan to launch GRIT, a play-to-earn Wild West battle royale. Set in the untamed frontier, the game features horse-riding gunslingers, Pacific Rail locomotion and a load of perks to pick up along the way.

“Coming Soon To Gala Games”, the text announces in the trailer’s first frames. Horses gallop by and a parachutist slams unceremoniously into a wooden building. It all looks great. A similar trailer also appeared in April 2021 before beta testing and developers have been working hard on the game since then. So it’s safe to assume that once Gala’s community gives the go ahead, gamers will be shooting from the hip and collecting prizes in the not-too-distant future. Now Gala Games just needs the node vote to pass.

Gala Games’ node-voting system allows users to decide which games the platform supports. By purchasing a Founder’s Node, of which there will only ever be 50,000, users will be able to vote and participate in the governance of the decentralized gaming network. Users who contribute to the community will be rewarded with GALA, the native token of the Gala universe. 

Team GRIT is a game development and publishing studio that a group of industry veterans established last year. GRIT is the collective’s first offering to the world of play-to-earn gaming. The title will (vote pending) join Gala Games’ extensive 2022 release pipeline. 22 other games are reportedly slated to drop this year. So whatever your gaming tastes, there will be plenty of play-to-earn offerings to get your teeth stuck in to.

The GRIT lowdown

Working from announcements, the trailer and playtest footage, here’s a list of some of the features we can expect when the the full version of GRIT is launched:

  • Weapon Cards – loot weapon cards dropped by your fallen enemies. Combine these cards to unlock powerful perks which determine your player’s strengths and skills. Go all-in as a deadeye shooter or improve your healing powers to fight on longer.
  • Loyal Steed – the bond between player and horse is central to GRIT. It’s your mode of transport and means of avoiding the all-consuming Calamity Storm. And if you’re feeling daring, you can steal your opponents’ mare and leave them exposed to danger.
  • Locomotion – be quick to take your seat on the last train out of town. Judging by the trailer and playtest footage, players will be able to ride the train to victory and can also stay aboard while remaining in the map. Presumably, it will act as a refuge from danger as the battle rages outside.
Gala Games GRIT trailer

GRIT will be available to play on PC (Steam). A release date hasn’t been announced yet but the node vote is pending. So watch this space!

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