Gala Games Distributing Mirandus Tokens During Playtest

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Players can collect Materium if they own Exemplar NFTs

Even though the MMORPG Mirandus isn’t live yet, Gala Games has unveiled when and how gamers can acquire the in-game utility token Materium. In December, the team will host a playtest, and owners of an Exemplar NFT will be eligible to collect an undisclosed amount of tokens. 

Gala Games describes Materium as a magical source that players can use to craft weapons and enhance their armor. Gamers can also use it to create potions and elixirs, bring back the fallen from the dead, teleport valuable items from one place to another, and so on. In essence, Materium will be an all-around utility token within the game world of Mirandus. 

In December, the gaming company will host a playtest, and every player holding an Exemplar NFT can earn Materium. Those who have multiple Exemplars can collect more tokens. An Exemplar is a hero character with boosted attributes. Some are good workers, others excel in hunting, spotting danger, crafting, and so on. These Exemplars are improved player characters, different from the standard ones. 

The cheapest Exemplar, a human pitfighter, costs 3.202 GALA, which equals $298 at the time of writing. The most expensive ones are the Elves, with a 133.437 GALA price tag ($12.432). Gamers will also be able to buy orcs, dwarves, and halflings. You can acquire GALA by using the DappRadar Token Swap, and you can purchase Exemplars from the Gala Store.  

Gala moving big into play-to-earn economy

Gala Games is a start-up aimed at building an ecosystem where players own game assets. They are also creating their own blockchain ecosystem, to allow players to smoothly transfer assets. For now, the company has five games listed on their platform, with more to come soon. They’ve had playtests for Mirandus and Spider Tanks, but the only title gamers can actually play is Town Star. 

Last month, Gala Games introduced the TOWN token, which players can earn by completing their daily objectives. The more player-owned NFTs that players have in their town, the bigger their TOWN rewards will be. The price of the TOWN token has been moving between $0.20 and $0.25 since it launched. Swap ETH for TOWN using DappRadar’s Token Swap.

Play-to-earn making headlines 

The hype surrounding play-to-earn gaming can be felt across the wider blockchain industry. Games represent most of the activity in the dapp industry, as 1.19 million UAW connected to game dapps in October. The games category reasserted its 55% dominance over other categories, first achieved in September. The recent mainstream attention for the metaverse adds fuel to the fire. 

It’s not without reason that gaming companies like Ubisoft and Electronic Arts are getting serious about NFTs, player-ownership, and play-to-earn. During an investor call, Ubisoft’s CEO Yves Guillemot said that they would make play-to-earn games, describing the technology as revolutionary. In addition, Andrew Wilson, CEO of Electronic Arts, called play-to-earn games ‘the future of our industry’, as he was addressing investors in a call about their financial report. 

It looks like Gala Games is well positioned to make moves in this space, alongside games like Axie Infinity, Splinterlands, Arc8 and many others. Check out the DappRadar Rankings to discover the most popular games right now, and keep your eyes on DappRadar for more updates about the future of video games.

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