Gala Games Community Votes on Adding Superior

Gala Games Community Votes on Adding Superior
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Founders node operators can cast their vote today

Gala Games has launched a new Founders node vote, asking the community whether Superior should be the next game added to the Gala Games ecosystem. Founders node operators have until 4:59 PM PST on March 8th to cast their vote.

Superior is a Co-Op 3rd Person Shooter game by Drifter Entertainment. The project is still in the early build stages, however, the official game is expected to launch towards the end of 2022. In anticipation of the launch, Gala Games has shown interest in the project and has now asked its Founders community to vote on future integration. 

At the time of writing, Gala Games already has more than eight titles in its ecosystem. According to the official vote announcement, one of the main goals of the team is to offer a varied portfolio of games, and Superior will fill in the 3rd person shooter quota. 

What will Superior bring to the Gala Games ecosystem?

Superior is a rougelite third-person shooter game that promises heaps of action and exciting missions. Throughout the game, players have to complete dynamically generated missions– each with special objectives, distinct enemies, and unique environments.

As players complete missions, they’ll receive Juice from fallen enemies. Juice can have a wide range of effects. Players will be able to choose to increase their physical abilities like jump, melee, and dash, or something a little more dramatic – like learning to fire forcefield sawblades from their hands.

Importantly, Superior will include an assortment of characters that will be available for players to collect as NFTs. Each character has distinct bonuses to gameplay and play-to-earn potential, and rarer characters have additional skills and more earning potential. 

In this sense, the NFT-based shooter game fits perfectly with Gala Games’ already established model. Currently, both Town Star and Mirandus, two of the most popular games in the ecosystem, have their own NFT collections.

DappRadar will keep an eye out as the Founders vote ends later today. Gala Games is one of the fastest-growing blockchain companies out there, even expanding beyond gaming with the newly launched Gala Music division. To learn the latest news around Gala Labs and its multiple projects, follow DappRadar on Twitter. Additionally, you can get your hands on some GALA tokens through the DappRadar Token Swap service. 

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