Gaia Everworld Brings Magic to Play-to-Earn

Gaia Everworld Brings Magic to Play-to-Earn

Explore the eight kingdoms of Gaia Everworld and win GAIA tokens

Gaia Everworld is an upcoming Polygon-based play-to-earn opportunity bringing players an experience full of rewards. Built with the help of launchpad platform Seedify and big names in gaming like Unreal Engine, Gaia Everworld is on track to become a hit in the gaming community. 

Thanks to Unreal Engine, Gaia Everworld features exquisite 3D graphics on par with AAA games on modern PCs and gaming consoles. Full of magical creatures, sorcerers, and spells, Gaia Everworld aims to bring a magical element to the play-to-earn gaming movement.

What is Gaia Everworld?

Gaia Everworld is an immersive 3D gaming experience, which allows players to fight with each other, complete quests, and earn GAIA tokens in the process. The Gaia Everworld map consists of eight different kingdoms – Abyssen, Petria, Moltania, Shoreland, Auralis, Oakendor, Caven, and Zapparos. Each of the kingdoms comes with its own unique landscape as well as creatures that inhabit it. 

Exploring the kingdoms will make players face different creatures while on their quests. Additionally, all areas of the map give players various rewards in terms of items. These items can then be used to upgrade your characters, and breed them for Gaia Eggs. 

Thanks to Unreal Engine, each of these kingdoms comes to life as players start exploring. The graphical engine from Epic Games creates atmospheres thanks to improved ways to display lightning. In addition the graphical engine excels in showcasing the tiniest details thanks to its Nanite technology. 

With vast landscapes and intricate gameplay, Gaia Everworld is on the path to becoming one of the most immersive blockchain-based games. Taking after famous names in the industry like God of War, Gaia Everworld players will get to experience each movement of their characters as they battle monsters and complete quests. 


While battles can break out everywhere in the eight kingdoms of Gaia Everworld, there is one place where an eternal truce has been called – the marketplace. This is where players from all factions can come and trade together.

Buy, sell, create and trade important items that will help along with your exploration of Gaia Everworld. The marketplace allows players access to new Gaia characters, newborn eggs, Sorcerers potions, Jewels and even the Land they rule. On the other hand, sellers can set a price for what they are selling or leave it in an auction where buyers try to outbid one another to secure the Gaia and goods they most desire.


Another important feature in the Gaia Everworld universe is breeding. The breeding mechanism in simple terms is creating a new Gaia character based on the genes of the Gaias you already own. Repeatedly breeding the same Gaia will increase the cost of $GAIA token and Gaia Growth Hormone ($GGH) required for a successful reproduction. Importantly, the higher the breed count of a parent, the stronger the new Gaia is likely to be.

Some Gaia characters can produce more offspring than others. However, to avoid hyperinflation or overpopulation, a super fertile Gaia can reproduce a maximum of ten times. Importantly, some Gaia characters will be limited to fewer offspring. This will depend on the growth of the game and other economic factors.

Gaia Everworld Launch

As an extensively built project, Gaia Everworld relied on the help of a blockchain gaming launchpad and incubator Seedify. The platform helped connect the Gaia Everworld team with the best experts in the industry. It also facilitated the upcoming launch of the GAIA token liquidity pool. 

The GAIA token takes a central place on the platform. All play-to-earn mechanics will reward players in this native token on the Polygon blockchain. Importantly, the initial game offering Gaia Everworld decided to organize in collaboration with Seedify will boost the reach of the game. The IGO for the GAIA token will start on November 1st, with a total supply of 500 million GAIA Polygon ERC-20 tokens. The vesting period will start at 25% initially, and 25% each month for three months thereafter. The list price for one GAIA token will be $0.16. 

Play-to-earn is on the rise

The blockchain gaming industry has seen a stellar rise to fame in the past several months. According to a recent DappRadar Q3 Industry Report, wallets connecting to gaming dapps have increased 140% quarter-over-quarter. However, navigating this new landscape of opportunity might become a challenge for projects that are just starting out.

Thanks to gaming launchpads like Seedify, Gaia Everworld has the opportunity to reach even more players. Additionally, this is an opportunity to create a strong community. Additionally, the fact that it offers play-to-earn mechanics further positions the game at the top of gamers interests’ list. According to the latest DappRadar and Blockchain Gaming Alliance Report, the play-to-earn movement is becoming one of the strongest drivers of activity for the blockchain gaming sector. 

DappRadar will continue monitoring the space, as more games join, and launchpad platforms like Seedify help better projects come to light. Stay tuned!

Disclaimer — This is a sponsored article. DappRadar does not endorse any content or product on this page. DappRadar aims to provide accurate information, but readers should always do their own research before taking action. Articles by DappRadar can not be considered as investment advice.

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