Frutti Dino Brings Play-to-Earn to The Next Level

Frutti Dino Brings Play-to-Earn to The Next Level

Enjoy a game packed with cute NFT characters and GameFi elements

Frutti Dino is a blockchain-based strategy role-playing game, bringing players a wide variety of gaming modes and play-to-earn opportunities. Centered around NFT-based dinosaur characters, Frutti Dino opens up a world of fun quests, with numerous GameFi elements. 

Frutti Dino relies on the FDT and FAT tokens to bring earning opportunities to players. FDT is the native governance token for the platform, which also allows players to access Dino Breeding, Staking, and Dino Exchange. On the other hand, FAT is the main utility token, which facilitates in-game transactions, and play-to-earn mechanics.

What is Frutti Dino?

Designed to outmatch big names in the industry like Axie Infinity, Frutti Dino introduces NFT-based game characters that can complete daily missions and battle in the arena against other players. 

There are three types of Dino characters: carnivores, herbivores, and hybrids (omnivores). Importantly, players can improve their Dinos by giving them fruit ampoules. Additionally, combining Dinos with fruits will give them one of three in-game classes: tank, dealer, or support.  

What is more, players will be able to breed their Dinos and create completely new game characters. Choose carefully when breeding, as parents pass on traits through generations of Dino characters. 

When can I play Frutti Dino?

Frutti Dino is just getting started, so stay tuned, the game will launch very soon. According to the official roadmap, the game will launch in the second quarter of 2022. However, to get a head start and create the strongest Dino team for the launch, you’ll have plenty of opportunities.

The official pre-sale for the FDT token is just around the corner. You can now enter the whitelist on the official website. Additionally, the first generation of Dino NFTs will drop in November this year.

With an extensive roadmap, this new hit game is aiming to introduce a universe of playing opportunities and events centered around the game ecosystem. To find out more about the game, its launch date, and future milestones, check out the roadmap here.  

Play-to-earn gaming is the new big hit

Frutti Dino is definitely headed in the right direction with a heavy focus on play-to-earn mechanics. According to the latest DappRadar Industry Report, the gaming sector of the blockchain industry is the fastest growing. In the past quarter alone, the number of unique active wallets interacting with gaming platforms rose by 140%. 

Considering this play-to-earn and GameFi are definitely on the road to becoming a dominating force in the industry. With games like Axie Infinity and Splinterlands attracting thousands of users every day, blockchain gaming is now bigger than ever. Frutti Dino has the potential to become the next big hit. So stay tuned, get ready for the official FDT pre-sale, and start collecting your Dino NFTs to make the best team. 

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