Frank Miller Comic NFT Sold For $811K

Frank Miller Comic NFT Sold For $811K

Digital comics on the rise, NFTs contribute

An NFT by comic book legend Frank Miller sold for a whopping $811.400. The artwork ‘I Love You, Nancy Callahan’ is part of the Frank Miller: Sin City 30th Anniversary Collection, sold through the Gala Games platform. 

Frank Miller is an ingenious comic book creator, with a solid collection of works behind his back. With titles like Daredevil, Batman: Year One, Electra, and Wolverine, Miller is a behemoth in the industry. Interestingly, his works are now taking over the NFT market as well.

Interestingly, a deep dive into the new owner’s wallet shows that he is more of a gaming fan. With a significant collection of 9 The Sandbox plots, and 7 Vox NFTs, and several Axie Infinity NFTs, this wallet owner is definitely betting on blockchain gaming. What’s more, the address holder purchased Frank Miller’s comic NFT with GALA tokens, which is not a traditionally used currency in the NFT space. This was possible because Gala Games hosted the auction where the NFT was purchased. 

Still, it looks like Sin City is a favorite for the collector, as the wallet holds another five NFTs from the same collection. Despite having predominantly NFTs related to games on the blockchain, specifically, Gala Games’ Town Star, the owner is definitely an avid Frank Miller fan. 

Frank Miller

Digital comics are taking over

The comic book industry has been one of the most important forms of entertainment globally for decades now. However, as our world becomes more digital our forms of entertainment change as well. 

The comic book industry has been on a steady transition, or at least adoption course, of the digital medium. According to recent research by ICv2 and Comichron, the whole industry is growing, however, the digital segment brought 30% more in revenue last year. The move towards a more digital form of entertainment is now colliding with the newest technology in the form of NFTs. Comics are turning into valuable digital collectibles stored on the blockchain. 

For example, Marvel, probably the biggest name in the comic book world, has recently started dropping comic book NFTs on VeVe. The collections have seen tremendous success, usually selling out within minutes, if not even seconds. Not only that, the valuation for the rarest of these NFTs is jumping through the roof

Frank Miller is not the only artist to launch a collection

With the rise of the NFT space as a new form of authenticating collectibles, many artists and comic book creators turn to this medium. Frank Miller, of course, is a notable mention. However, more and more artists are looking into NFTs as a way to profit from their work.

Among the most recognized of them is José Delbo, the creator of the Wonder Woman and Transformers series. Delbo has been incredibly active in the NFT space, selling his comics and designs for significant amounts. 

Unfortunately, it turns out that not all comic book artists get the chance to showcase their work in the form of NFTs. Comics giants Marvel and DC have issued warnings for artists to not sell their works as NFTs. On the one hand, this can be explained by the companies’ own interest in getting on the NFT market. Similarly to what Marvel did with its VeVe drops. However, with physical comic book designs, the authors and designers always have a right to sell their work, once the comic is released. So it seems rather unfair to stifle earning opportunities on the NFT market for creators. 

Despite these warning notices, some artists continue to push the reach of their work and steadily start making a name for themselves in the NFT space. Frank Miller and José Delbo are absolute legends amongst comic book fans. It isn’t surprising that their NFT releases are doing great. Hopefully, we will see more creators jump on the NFT bandwagon. Despite the warnings of the big fish like Marvel and DC. 

DappRadar will continue monitoring the NFT space, as more and more comics creators join. To find out the latest news and stay tuned, follow us on Twitter and join our Discord server. You can also browse around the links below to find out more about comic book NFT collections. 

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