Marvel Jumps Headfirst into NFT Hype

Superhero entertainment giant launches Spider-Man collection

Marvel, one of the best-recognized movie-makers and comic book houses globally, has announced its first NFT collection. This will be only the beginning, as the movie giant has hinted at further NFT drops scheduled for later this month. 

There has been a lot of anticipation for the moment when Marvel would jump in the NFT race. The company has created some of the most iconic fictional characters in the entertainment industry, and their movie productions are among the biggest ever. It was only a matter of time for them to be commemorated in the form of NFTs. Earlier this year, Marvel hinted at a partnership with VeVe, an established NFT marketplace. Today, they announced that the drop would happen over the weekend. 

VeVe is an app-based marketplace that specializes in premium licensed digital collectibles. The marketplace runs on a custom blockchain and has plans to launch its own virtual showroom for NFTs. To start with, VeVe will host the Modern Marvel Series 1, which will focus on a specific character –  Spider-Man. 

Marvel’s Spider-Man becomes an NFT

Marvel’s journey into the NFT universe will begin with a limited collection of Spider-Man-themed NFTs. The drop will consist of 5 different collectibles, each with a different rarity and a different number of copies available for primary sale. 

Pricing for each of the NFTs will depend on its rarity. Common NFTs, which will be available in the largest amounts, will have a starting price of $40. On the other hand, the “secret-rare” Ultimate Animated Spider-Man NFT will only be available in 1,000 editions on primary sale and consequently will cost about ten times more than the common ones. 

Marvel Month on VeVe

According to the official VeVe Twitter account, throughout the whole of August, Marvel will continue releasing NFTs. This is why the marketplace has announced this to be “Marvel Month” on the platform. 

There still have not been any announcements about the next characters that will receive their NFT commemoration. However, the news that drops will continue throughout the month is definitely exciting. And not only for Marvel fans but for the whole NFT community.

For the moment, we know that VeVe will also launch a “Marvel Comics #1” collection. It will feature five different renditions of the cover of the very first Marvel comic book. The comic book was released in 1939 and was the first time the world saw Human Torch and Sub-Mariner.


DappRadar will continue following developments regarding Marvel’s entry into the NFT world. If you purchase a Spider-Man NFT and would like to see how it fits in your collection, check out DappRadar Portfolio. There, all your NFTs are sorted and visible in a pleasant user interface. 

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