Fractionalized NFTs Now Integrated into DappRadar

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Learn about the most popular fractionalized NFT projects on the market

Visitors of DappRadar can now get easy access to live data about fractionalized NFTs, or NFT assets with shared ownership. After launching last year as a separate website, DappRadar has now integrated that data into its NFT overview. Alongside daily NFT sales and the most popular NFT collections, DappRadar users now get to see the price movements of fractionalized NFT assets and directly buy into them.

Fractionalized assets are a useful method to make an illiquid NFT more liquid. A generally rare or expensive NFT gets locked away into a smart contract, and in return, the owner receives ERC-20 tokens. These tokens represent direct ownership over the NFT and allow users with smaller wallets to gain exposure to otherwise unreachable and expensive NFTs. 

Who can buy a $3 million CryptoPunk? Hardly anybody. But everybody can buy $5 tokens, giving token holders shared ownership over the NFT. 

Now, where will you find this data? We have included the NFT Shards data on the right side of the NFT Overview page, between the Top Sales and the Top Marketplaces. Here you can see the five most popular NFT Shards by market cap. 

Top Fractional NFTs – Now listed on DappRadar’s NFT Overview

Dedicated page for Fractional NFTs

Visitors of DappRadar can also go to a dedicated page, showing all NFT Shards. Here users can switch the timeframes, to see changes in the token pricing in the past hour, 24 hours, 7 days, 30 days, or all-time. We only list tokens with sufficient liquidity, and therefore some fractionalized NFTs might be missing from this list. 

DappRadar also offers users the option to directly invest in one or more of those sharded NFTs. Next to each project there will be a Buy-button, allowing visitors to swap tokens using the DappRadar Token Swap.  

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