Intelligent NFT Revenants Bring History to Life

Intelligent NFT Revenants Bring History to Life

Fuse NFTs with AI tech for interactive experiences

Intelligent NFT, or iNFT, is a revolutionary approach to NFT collecting presented by Althea AI. The idea behind the Revenants project is to fuse together two up-and-coming technological developments, namely blockchains and artificial intelligence. The Revenants collection has seen a wave of attention in the past 7 days, attracting more than 100 sales, and a trading volume upwards of $9 million. 

The Revenants collection is a selection of 100 intelligent NFT avatars depicting important historical figures. These include the likes of Nikola Tesla, Napoleon, and Cleopatra. What Althea aims to do with the Revenants collection is to bring the world’s greatest minds back to life as Intelligent NFTs. 

Impressively, the Revenants collection has landed a massive floor price – 84 ETH or about $350.000 at the time of writing. This might not be that surprising, however, considering the fact there are only 100 NFTs available. Plus, who wouldn’t want to own a talking Napoleon NFT, right?

Demand for the Revenants collection is shooting through the roof. Collectors flock to secondary markets to get their hands on AI-infused historical figure NFTs. The project’s official Discord channel now boasts close to 8000 members. Additionally, the number of traders interacting with Revenants’ smart contracts increased 3450% in seven days.

What is an intelligent NFT?

Althea AI’s Revenants NFT collection is an overture to a much larger project. The AI developer is looking to create a whole ecosystem of intelligent NFT projects. Althea’s intelligent NFT virtual world called Noah’s Arc will allow collectors to inject their favorite non-fungible tokens with an AI personality pod. The AI pods were meticulously developed by Althea AI and feature some of the best language models available.

Noah’s Ark is where collectors can use the Alethea AI protocol to create, train and earn from their iNFTs. One of the main missions for Althea AI is to create a safe place where NFTs can come to life. Of course, with the help of artificial intelligence.

According to the official roadmap for the Noah’s Ark project, Althea AI is planning to launch a subsequent iNFT collection of 10.000 avatars. However, there are no official dates for this launch yet. Still, the launch of the Revenants project, and the official introduction of Noah’s Ark have drawn a lot of attention towards Althea AI. 

If you are curious to have a chat with Abraham Lincoln or pick the brains of Edgar Allan Poe, visit the official Althea AI website. However, if you want to help the project along, you can purchase a Revenant NFT from the links below. DappRadar will continue monitoring the NFT space, as innovative collections like Althea’s Revenants keep popping up. To learn the latest news first, follow us on Twitter and Discord. 

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