First Look: Gala Games RPG Eternal Paradox

A new play-to-earn hybrid RPG featuring seasonal battles and epic adventures

Eternal Paradox is a hybrid RPG that will go live on Gala Games by the end of 2022. Battle, adventure, and character-building, Eternal Paradox believes that such a unique combination will glue players to their screens. Furthermore, the play-to-earn mechanic will make all players’ time spent worthwhile.


  • Eternal Paradox is a unique fusion of 4X and turn-based RPG combat games. 
  • It will launch as part of the Gala Games ecosystem by the end of 2022.
  • Eternal Paradox features daily missions, PVP, leaderboards, and play-to-earn.
  • There are various in-game NFTs, including Lands, Heroes, and Castles. 

What is Eternal Paradox 

Eternal Paradox is a turn-based 4X role-playing game where players can build and lead a troop of Mercenaries to fight for rewards. Eternal Paradox is developed by NDREAM, a Korean game studio behind many successful games, such as Oceans & Empires, Pirates of the Caribbean, The War of Genesis, and Crossfire Warzone.

Fire those not familiar with game genres, 4X stands for explore, expand, exploit, and exterminate, a type of strategy game where players can have extensive control over their operations. As a hybrid of 4X and RPG, Eternal Paradox incorporates role-playing elements into this game type, bringing a gripping adventure to players.

How to master Eternal Paradox?

First of all, Eternal Paradox lets players embark on epic adventures, which is the foundation of a classic 4X game. Moreover, the character-building element here is well-designed icing on the cake, allowing players to uncover different storylines. 

During the adventures, players will need to train their fighters for crucial battles in the future. But before the battle, players need to run daily missions, participate in PVP, and compete in the arena. More importantly, these activities will help players earn Silver Points, the score that decides players’ ranking. Higher ranks can potentially bring more in-game rewards, the EPX token. 

The battles we mentioned previously will happen every nine weeks to control The Ring of Ruin. Similar to the one in the movie The Lord of the Rings, The Ring of Ruin also possesses great power. “When The Ring stops spinning, the world will face destruction.”

Eternal Paradox battle

Therefore, the seasonal battle is to stop Eternal Paradox’s world from being destroyed by the cursed Ring. Winning The Battle of the Ring is crucial in that defeating all the rivals will naturally bring the winner an EPX prize. 

How do NFTs work in Eternal Paradox?

NFTs represent various in-game assets in Eternal Paradox to facilitate the ecosystem. Players can own NFT Lands and rent them out to other players. Land NFTs will come in 6 rarities, with each piece of them having several plots available for building castles. It’s worth noting that castles are NFTs as well. They will play a critical in preparation for the battles. 

Eternal Paradox NFT

The game can start with four essential Mercenaries, players’ in-game warriors, but Hero NFTs will probably add to the excitement in terms of gameplay. Apart from Heros and Lands, developers have also planned for skin NFTs that can be used in Castles.

It is worth mentioning that game will guarantee playability for all types of players. Those free-to-play users and players with less rare NFTs can still be competitive as long as they play strategically, and there will be chances for them to outplay the competition.

Gala Games gears up to lead the blockchain gaming industry 

The arrival of Eternal Paradox on Gala Games will aid the game studio’s further expansion. Gala Game’s gaming ecosystem currently offers a wide selection of gaming dapps, ranging from RPG fantasy like Mirandus to PVP brawlers like Spider Tanks. 

As a community-driven gaming studio, Gala also puts effort into empowering its loyal supporters. For example, Mayhem, the biggest event in the Gala Games’ ecosystem, gives out more than $4 million in prizes throughout this month. 

Since Eternal Paradox will go live at the end of this year, players can probably win some GALA from this 4X RPG game at the next Mayhem event. 

DappRadar will continue monitoring the latest developments of Gala Games and Eternal Paradox. Follow us on Twitter, Discord, and Youtube to keep up with the dynamic blockchain world. 

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