Fifth DappRadar Community Call – highlights

fifth dappradar community call – highlights
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Increased headcount, new partnerships, updated single dapp page, and DappRadar’s position in the market

On Wednesday 30th August, DappRadar’s fifth Community Call gave people a chance to hear what we’re doing and to ask questions of their own. We’ve increased our staff by more than 50%, reworked our content strategy, and started live-streaming with gaming companies. We’re also on the cusp of implementing our DAO and our new single dapps page is just around the corner.

The call features updates from VP for Inspiration Monika Vasiliauskaite, Head of Content Robert Hoogendoorn, VP of Growth Inan Aksoy, Product Owner Julija Bakané, DAO Consultant Nathan Vandy, Partnerships Executive Fabrizio La Vita, and our Co-Founders Skirmantas Januškas and Dragos Dunica. Ian Kane is our host.

DappRadar Community Call #5 highlights

  • 2:33 – Monika Vasiliauskaite talks us through DappRadar’s headcount growth in 2022. From 54 colleagues at the beginning of the year to 84 today. DappRadar is still hiring today and you can go to our Careers page to find all open positions. 
  • 5:43 – Inan Aksoy speaks about the success of our five-day DappDays festival. All interviews are on our YouTube channel. He also goes through our increased audio and visual content offerings.
  • 10:02 – Robert Hoogendoorn walks everyone through DappRadar’s new content strategy. Now, our blog, interviews and articles will be a bridge to DappRadar’s products. We want our users to engage with our tools and our content is one path to get there. Soon, DappRadar will introduce the Contribute-to-Earn system which means our community can start producing code, content and ideas for our platform and earn rewards for doing it.
  • 13:25 – Julija Bakané introduces the brand new single dapp page. It’s been a long time in the works and promises to take DappRadar’s products to the next level. Updates for DappRadar’s rankings pages have started. The mobile-native application is close to release. Expect custom alerts for dapps and NFTs soon. Dragos Dunica 
  • 16:44 – Nathan Vandy says that DappRadar is currently carrying out an audit in preparation DappRadar’s transition to a full DAO. A high level roadmap is coming up soon. We’re also updating a dashboard with activity metrics to show user engagement levels with our DAO.
  • 20:00 – Fabrizio La Vita speaks about DappRadar’s gaming updates and collaborations that we are working towards to create massive events for our community to enjoy. Expect live-streaming, AMAs and great giveaways.
  • 23:43 – Skirmantas Januškas gives us his final thoughts on how DappRadar is positioning itself for when the bear market ends.
  • 24:42 – the DappRadar crew answer questions from the listening community. People asked about everything from NFT airdrops to the brand new single dapp page.

More about DappRadar’s Cross-Chain Staking

DappRadar introduced Cross-Chain Staking in June. It allows users to stake their RADAR tokens on one blockchain and harvest the yield on another. It’s the first of its kind in the world and shows that DappRadar is leading the way in bringing interoperability to web3.

Try it out for yourself and start harvesting your own RADAR right now.

DappRadar Community Call #5
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