Feta and Feta: Cheeze Wizards’ pre-sale cheddars up 700 ETH, worth $176,000

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Go-go gorgonzola

Dapper Labs’ forthcoming “battle royale with cheese” blockchain game Cheeze Wizards is off to a spectacular start.

Its week-long pre-sale of cheeze wizards NFTs has just closed having raised 698.75 ETH or around $176,000 at current prices.

Kicking off over the past weekend, it was no surprise most activity happened early on, with almost 200 wallets spending a total of around 200 ETH on the first day.

This front-loading was a product of how Dapper Labs designed the pre-sale as the price of the most valuable elemental cheeze wizards increased the more that were bought.

By the end of the pre-sale period, the price of an elemental was approaching 1 ETH so it was little surprise activity dropped off during the week, although there was a small uptick on the final day. One significant aspect of this increasing price model was that as the price increased so did the power of the cheeze wizards summoned. This encouraged high rollers to make last minute purchases.

Of course, a successful pre-sale isn’t the same as having a successful game so now attention shifts to later in the summer when Cheeze Wizards will launch its first tournament, which will see 607 ETH prize pool distributed amongst the top players.

Players who missed out on the pre-sale will be able buy cheeze wizards at this point too.

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