Fast-paced roguelike MMO SuperPlayer launches its NFT pre-sale

Shoot first and then keep firing

Chinese developer Amazing Block has just kicked off the pre-sale for its ambitious blockchain game SuperPlayer.

Based on existing title Krypton Knight, it’s a decentralized topdown roguelike MMO with a strong pixel art style.

Interestingly, while the main gameplay is fast and frantic shooting — both in PVP and coop modes — there are also plenty of other ways to play.

For example, you can explore mysterious relics for rewards; take a business role and supply other players with resources; or build a castle and loot other players’ castles — perhaps even take possession of the Royal City, at least if your alliance is powerful enough.

Super rewards

Underlying this one of the key features of SuperPlayer will be its marketplace, which allow players to create and trade their own in-game assets. Indeed, AmazingBlock also plans to release the game’s source code in 2020 so anyone can set up a server.

In terms of how the game’s economy works, it’s based on the SPO token — which uses the ERC20 standard — and Non-Fungible Tokens, ranging from in-game items such as weapons, armor and power ups and land assets, which all use the ERC721 standard.

The goal for SuperPlayer is to support multiple blockchains. It’s already live on Zilliqa, while his pre-sale is timed in conjuction with the launch on Ethereum. It also uses a sidechain to handle gameplay.

SPO tokens and special NFTs can be collected by gamers as they play SuperPlayer, including as a reward for their placement on leaderboards in the arena and when exploring. You’ll also be able to create a SPO mine in your castle, as well as building a factory to create more NFTs.

Certainly you won’t be lacking things to do.

SuperPlayer’s pre-sale is now live.

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