Fantasy Football Game Sorare Sees Euro 2020 Hype

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France first national team joining the fantasy football game

Sorare has seen its number of traders double in the past 24 hours as the fantasy football game enjoys the increased attention for football coming from the Euro 2020 and Copa America. In addition, the platform announced that the French national football team has signed a licensing agreement.

In the past 24 hours, Sorare has seen a 239% boost in its trading volume, reaching $782,520. This value comes from more than 1,373 sold NFTs, meaning that the average NFT sold for $569. Gamers use these cards to play the game and earn rewards paid in cryptocurrencies or more NFTs. 

The announcement of France as the first national team to join the fantasy football platform is an exciting one. Sorare has been making agreements with clubs and national leagues for two years now. However, with the newly introduced support for national teams, signing deals with them allows Sorare to better cover all tournaments, like the earlier mentioned Euro 2020.

Euro 2020 frenzy with Sorare

The timing couldn’t be better. The fantasy football platform now has 90,000 active users per month. In 2021 alone, the platform has accommodated $70 million in NFT card sales. Players use these NFT cards to create a team and earn points. Game rounds happen twice per week, and now for the first time, it tracks player performances at the Copa America and Euro 2020. 

Today a super rare card of French striker Antoine Griezmann sold for 15,35 ETH or $39,870. Other top sales in the past 24 hours include a unique card of French goalie Hugo Lloris for 12,345 ETH or $31,500, and a unique one of striker Oliver Giroud for 8.89 ETH or $23,100. 

The France Football Federation is the first national football association to join Sorare. However, the platform has indicated that it’s talking to many others. Probably we’ll see more launches in the coming weeks.

Sorare in 5th place

Sorare has been very consistent in its market performance this year. Trading activity has hardly been moved by fluctuations in crypto pricing. At the same time, the platform has introduced a better fiat on-ramp, allowing users to pay using a credit card. With $12,26 million in trading volume in the past 30 days, Sorare takes the fifth spot in the DappRadar NFT collections.

Sorare’s volume dropped 3,77%, but that’s peanuts compared with the 41% of NBA Top Shot and the 78% from CryptoPunks. Only play-to-earn battle game Axie Infinity and the newly launched Bored Ape Yacht Club collection have seen growth month-over-month.

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