FAKE Gotchis and NFT Art Coming to Aavegotchi

FAKE Gotchis and NFT Art Coming to Aavegotchi
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Quality artworks and unparalleled creativity enter the Gotchiverse

Aavegotchi has introduced FAKE Gotchis and the Gotchiverse Art Release, igniting a whole range of creativity within the wider crypto community. One brings curated Aavegotchi-inspired artworks to the market, while the other allows landowners to place their artworks in the Gotchiverse. It’s not without reason that some call this the Gotchi Renaissance, or Gotchissance for short.

Aavegotchi has gone through a whole lot of development this year. The project went from a petting GameFi project, to a virtual world where players build, farm and socialize. The latest two additions add a whole new dimension of creativity to the Gotchiverse.

These artworks by Roxiano and Onigiri are among the first to become part of the FAKE Gotchis

FAKE Gotchis, real art

The Aavegotchi community welcomes FAKE Gotchis, a crypto art collection based around Aavegotchi NFTs and the lore of the Gotchiverse. FAKE stands for Frenly Art Karmic Experiment, highlighting the project’s intention to become a leader in the crypto art world. . Through FAKE Gotchis, any artist can create a piece of NFT art that people can acquire through the Aavegotchi Baazaar NFT Marketplace, FakeGotchis.com, or OpenSea.

To mint an NFT artwork, one will need a FAKE Gotchi Card. There will only be 2535 cards available.

These cards will be distributed as follows: 

  • 35 cards go to Pixelcraft Studios for the first FAKE Gotchis known as the “Summoning Works”
  • 1,000 cards will be airdropped to the Aavegotchi community based on the final snapshot results of Rarity Farming Season 4:
    • Top 334 Aavegotchis by BRS 
    • Top 333 Aavegotchis by Kinship 
    • Top 333 Aavegotchis by XP 
  • The remaining cards will be distributed using a Drop Ticket Raffle

Cardholders can  design a FAKE Gotchi and mint it themselves, they can partner with an artist and split royalties, or sell their FAKE Gotchi Card.

The FAKE Gotchi minting process

Not just anybody can mint artwork to the FAKE Gotchis collection. The community completely drives this project with guidelines in place to ensure quality standards are upheld:

  1. When you submit an artwork you, or a publisher you team up with, need to own a Fake Gotchi Card. You will burn this NFT card during the minting process upon submission. 
  2. One FAKE Gotchi Card allows artists, or publishers, to mint up to 100 editions of their artwork. There’s a total of 2535 FAKE Gotchi Cards available.. 
  3. After the submission, the artwork enters the queue. Here, the community will curate the artwork. 
    1. Artwork needs to be inspired by Aavegotchi or the greater lore of the Gotchiverse.
    2. Artwork needs to be safe for work. So no offensive content.
    3. Low effort artworks or copycats will not be accepted into the collection.
  4. An artist that has seen their artwork rejected will not get their FAKE Gotchi Card back. However, an artist may be requested to edit and resubmit. In that case, they will receive a new FAKE Gotchi Card.

Display art in the Gotchiverse

The Aavegotchi crew has introduced NFT Displays, allowing landowners to show off NFTs on their own land. This includes the FAKE Gotchis art collection, and other Aavegotchi NFTs including Realm Parcels, Portals and Aavegotchis themselves. 

NFT Displays are much more than just displays. Passersby can stand on a display and the artwork will pop-up, showing more details about the piece. There will even be a Buy Now button, if it’s for sale.

Ultimately, any NFT collection whitelisted in the Aavegotchi Baazaar can be purchased directly in the Gotchiverse. There’s no need to leave the game. For other collections, there will be a direct link to OpenSea.

New crafting recipes

Over the past months we’ve seen various crafting recipes added to the Gotchiverse. Players can accumulate Gotchus Alchemica tokens known as FUD, FOMO, ALPHA, and KEK to craft new NFT items, often for a limited amount of time. For example, we’ve seen various decorative tiles available to mint for two weeks at a time. In addition, crafting and upgrading Installations, which optimize the harvest of said tokens, also requires Alchemica. 

With the introduction of NFT Displays, players get another set of crafting recipes. Initially, there will be four sizes, each with a basic and limited edition Golden skin. To craft these displays, players will need the following:

  • 4×4 NFT Display: 400 FUD, 600 ALPHA, 100 KEK
  • 4×6/6×4 NFT Display: 600 FUD, 800 ALPHA, 200 KEK
  • 8×8 NFT Display: 1,600 FUD, 2,000 ALPHA, 600 KEK
  • 4×4 LE Golden NFT Display: 4,000 FUD, 6,000 ALPHA, & 1,000 KEK
  • 4×6/6×4 LE Golden NFT Display: 6,000 FUD, 8,000 ALPHA, 2,000 KEK
  • 8×8 LE Golden NFT Display: 16,000 FUD, 20,000 ALPHA, 6,000 KEK

How to attract an audience

The Gotchiverse is big and full of adventure. When displaying or selling NFT artworks, you will want to attract an audience. That can be quite a challenge, but one that becomes easier thanks to the introduction of Bounce Gates. Simply craft a Bounce Gate for free, and use GLTR to maintain the portal. The Bounce Gate consumes 1 GLTR per block, meaning it will require 15.7 million GLTR per year to be active all the time. 

In addition, landowners can boost their event and make their portal a priority for those visiting the Gotchiverse. Simply spend 1 FUD, FOMO, ALPHA or KEK, and it will add 1, 2, 4 or 10 priority points. The more you spend, the higher your event will show in the charts. 

So far, only owners and borrowers of an Aavegotchi NFT can enter the Gotchiverse. Players without an Aavegotchi will be able to enter the world as an Observooor simply by signing-in using a Web3 wallet.

Aavegotchi growing into greatness

FAKE Gotchis and NFT Displays may seem like small updates, but these solidify that Aavegotchi is more than just a metaverse GameFi project. These latest updates emphasize that  Aavegotchi is committed to building an immersive metaverse experience.. 

Over the past two years, Aavegotchi has become a true example of GameFi, combining elements of decentralized finance with gaming. As a gamer or investor, the Aavegotchi platform offers more than 5 ways to earn crypto tokens. Since this calendar year, the gaming and community elements have only become stronger. Players can borrow and lend Aavegotchis and then use the pixel ghosts to farm resources. At the same time, the Gotchiverse is growing, adding new features at a rapid pace. 

With an all-time trading volume of more than $131 million, Aavegotchi has made a name for itself. At this moment, more than 2,000 players per day interact with the project. They pet their Aavegotchis, harvest their resources, and socialize in the Gotchiverse. Despite the macroeconomic turmoil in the past 2 months, the project has seen $1.5 million in NFT trading volume. You can check out the latest sales, live on the Aavegotchi dapp page.

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