Extending RADAR to Reach All Blockchain Users

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DappRadar wants to extend the RADAR token to BNB Smart Chain and Polygon. As a result, this will bring the native token of the world’s dapp store to three of the most prominent blockchain ecosystems. DappRadar calls on the entire community to have their say in the future of the world’s dapp store. 

When the RADAR token launched in December last year, we allocated 10% of the total supply into the community airdrop. Ultimately, around 33% of the eligible wallets claimed their tokens, meaning that over 652 million RADAR is still in the airdrop contract. DappRadar now wants to use that amount to attract a wider audience in the RADAR ecosystem. 

DappRadar’s co-founder Dragos Dunica posted the second DappRadar Community Proposal (DCP-2) on our Forum. The proposal aims to give more users in the blockchain ecosystem exposure to RADAR, while reducing slippage over larger token trades. The remaining airdrop tokens will potentially be used for the following three plans of action:

  • Single token staking on three different blockchains
  • Liquidity rewards and provisions 
  • Multichain expansion to BNB Smart Chain and Polygon 

Read and share your thoughts on the proposal, and shape the future of DappRadar. The deadline is on Wednesday, April 6th.

Step-by-step plan to vote for a DCP

  1. First, ideas are discussed in the community, using platforms like Discord. Here community members can share ideas, discuss with others, and be a vocal part of the journey. This also serves as a way to find support for your proposal. 
  2. When the ideas have been crystalized, someone needs to write a DappRadar Community Proposal or DCP, and post it on the Forum. (Template here)
  3. This is where we are now with DCP-2. The proposal has been posted on the Forum and people need to vote. Simply login, read the proposal and vote. You can use the comments to express additional ideas, helping to build and expand the proposal. 
  4. When the forum vote is successful, someone with 100,000 RADAR tokens in their wallet can create a vote on Snapshot. Voting on Snapshot is the real deal. It requires voters to have RADAR tokens in their wallet or supported staking and liquidity solutions, such as SushiSwap. Voting can happen without paying gas fees. 
  5. A vote only passes on Snapshot when at least 10,000,000 RADAR tokens have been used to vote. We call this quorum. When the vote does not reach quorum, the system will assume that 70% of the remaining votes are against the proposal. We call this soft quorum. For example, only 6 million RADAR tokens voted, with 5M in favor and 1M against. Then the remaining 4 million RADAR will see 70% voted against the proposal, as determined by soft quorum. That’s an extra 2.8M votes against the proposal on top of the existing 1M, bringing the total votes against to 3.8 million versus 6.2 million in favor. 

Please read our documentation for a complete write-up about governance in the RADAR ecosystem.  

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