Exploring New Frontiers in the Alien Worlds Metaverse with Galactic Hubs

Alien Worlds Galactic Hubs

Alien Worlds expands with Season 2 of the Galactic Hubs Grant Program

The Galactic Hubs Grant program is designed to support creators, foster innovation, and encourage the development of diverse games and community-generated content in the player-driven ecosystem of Alien Worlds. Season 2 is underway, promising further innovation and growth with exciting new projects in development.


What are Alien Worlds and Galactic Hubs?

Over the past year, Alien Worlds has emerged as one of the most popular Web3 games, consistently dominating DappRadar Games Ranking as users’ number-one choice.

Alien Worlds is a player owned metaverse with multiple games and activities that operate on multiple blockchain platforms. The games revolve around a simulated economy where six Planetary Syndicates compete for scarce resources, including NFTs and in-game tokens. 

In the past 30 days, Alien Worlds has seen impressive engagement within its gaming community. The game demonstrates a strong, dedicated player base with over 405,070 monthly unique active wallets (UAW). In addition, this thriving community has generated a staggering 372 million transactions, showcasing the dynamic and interactive nature of the game as well as the robustness of its technical infrastructure.

Alien worlds

It is worth noting that Alien Worlds boasts a community-driven metaverse where the ecosystem evolves through the contributions and creativity of its players. This development is facilitated by the Galactic Hubs Grant program, which supports creators, drives innovation, and fosters the expansion of the Alien Worlds metaverse. 

Galactic Hubs Season 2 begins

The new season of Galactic Hubs Grant has already seen the approval of six games and applications, all currently under development and planned for release within the year. By introducing these games, Alien Worlds is becoming a more diverse and vibrant ecosystem that appeals to a wide range of players. Moreover, these new games and applications will offer new competitive opportunities using NFTs and Trilium across the metaverse.

In Season 2, a key focus is inspiring community-generated content to enrich the game’s lore and foster discussions among metaverse members. It also strives to revitalize the backstory of Alien Worlds while promoting open conversations and fresh perspectives. 

Recognizing the importance of tools and infrastructure, Season 2 continues to support essential tooling development, promising more innovation for the Alien Worlds metaverse through exciting projects.

Exciting projects in development for Season 2

The grant program offers two tiers, Development and Pioneer, each with its own criteria and benefits.

Development tier grants are designed for rapidly deployed contributions, with a one-time payment upon successful completion and review of the work. Pioneer tier grants, on the other hand, focus on more complex solutions and applications that demand a high level of expertise and resource allocation. 

For those seeking inspiration, take a look at some of the outstanding projects below that have already made an impact in Alien Worlds’ ecosystem.

Pioneer Grants

Battledome Syndicate Toolset

Battledome is an Alien Worlds metaverse card battler developed by Restack.AI. The team aims to enhance community involvement and decentralization via Battledome Syndicate Toolset.

The project’s objective is to create a toolset and processes that boost player and DAO engagement, including Syndicate-administered tournaments, prize distribution, community-driven game development, and a module. The ultimate goal is to sustainably hand over Battledome operations to the Alien Worlds community, shaping the community’s future through the game. 

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Battlefleet Armageddon

Battlefleet Armageddon is an auto battler set in the depths of space, where players command fleets of ships from diverse factions. This free-to-play mobile game offers asynchronous multiplayer, pitting gamers against global adversaries. 

In-app purchases grant instant benefits, while Alien Worlds NFT owners gain access to exclusive packs. Additionally, players can strategically use the power of Trilium to secure in-game packs, boosts, and eye-catching cosmetics.

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Galactic Standoff – MVP

Galactic Standoff, brought to life by Tentree Studios, the creators of Zombie Outbreak Survival, is a mass multiplayer PVP strategy game. 

In the game, players pledge loyalty to decentralized Starbases, striving to upgrade and defend their territories while unlocking power-ups to become the ultimate Starbase. 

Engaging in missions and game modes to amass resources is crucial for Starbase upgrades. Each starbase falls under the governance of an Alien Worlds Planetary Syndicate. As players rise in ranks and become Planetary Councilors, they wield greater power within their chosen starbase. 

The MVP unleashes a realm of possibilities, including player interactions, Council admin privileges, NFTs for intense PVP gameplay, and essential building management.

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Trilium Quest – MVP

Alien worlds trilium quest

Trilium Quest invites gamers to embark on an MMORPG adventure within an open world of six distinct planets, each with unique stories and rich lore. 

Players can select their preferred starting planet and race before venturing into the universe to accept challenging quests, conquer fearsome monsters, mine useful Trillium, and more. The ultimate mission is to boost their stats and prove their mettle in treacherous planet dungeons. 

Rooted in the Alien Worlds lore, Trilium Quest delivers a deeply immersive gaming experience through a compelling storyline. The MVP, jointly funded by planet Magor, will encompass the game’s core gameplay elements for the planet.

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Development Grants

Mission Notifications

Alien Worlds’ community member Nick Kusters has successfully resolved a bot integration issue originating from Telegram’s ‘Topics’ feature. As a result, the bot is now fully functional again, providing mission notifications to gamers via Telegram and Twitter. 

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Unreal Worlds Lore

The Unreal Worlds animation project continues the adventure of four characters in the Alien Worlds metaverse, engaging gamers with high-quality art and engaging storytelling. 

Building upon the success of Season 1, this grant supports the prologue’s expansion in fresh and exciting directions. In addition, the project brings the metaverse to life and immerses the gaming community in a captivating narrative. 

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A2 Boss Battle

Acryptia’s creators, TACO, launched  the A2 Boss Battle community event in April. The game saw 6,200 entries for only 250 participation tickets within the Acryptia card game. 

The event requires gamers to work together and accomplish a collective goal, such as dealing 2,000,000 damage to a formidable foe. Rewards are based on each player’s contribution to the total damage dealt, and part of the TLM grant will be distributed as prizes. 

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Alien Worlds Community TV

This YouTube channel, hosted by The EOS Podcast creator Brandon Parker, offers gamers a fresh look at the Alien Worlds project. 

The show features interviews with project leaders and syndicate candidates. Additionally, it offers discussions with community members, delving into strategic insights and sharing valuable insider tips. It also encourages community input, welcoming discussion suggestions on its website. 

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Alien Worlds Community Avatar Maker

The team behind Boid and the EOSPowerUp service is crafting a platform on the WAX blockchain for creating, sharing, and earning from custom avatar designs. It offers gamers a unique way to express their virtual identities. 

To participate, players can use the power of  Trilium to gain NFT Packs containing Body Part NFTs to create personalized avatar NFT templates. The platform also incorporates a staking mechanic, requiring users to stake and lock Alien Worlds Tool NFTs with matching rarity to mint or design an avatar of the corresponding rarity.

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Wombat Dungeon Master

Spielworks, the creators of Wombat, plan to integrate Alien Worlds NFTs into Wombat Dungeon Master (WDM) to enable staking for in-game mining power and materials. 

WDM, one of the larger active Web3 games with over 13,000 daily active users, is the fourth-largest application on the WAX blockchain. The game revolves around an idle loop that utilizes the staking of popular NFT collections. 

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Embark on your metaverse adventure

As Season 2 progresses, there is immense excitement surrounding the expansion and evolution of the Alien Worlds metaverse. Collaboration with community members and grantees is anticipated to push the boundaries of blockchain gaming and NFTs even further. 

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