Explore and Compete in Space Misfits and Earn 21,000 CROWN Tokens

Explorer and Compete in Space Misfits and Earn 21,000 CROWN Tokens

The event will start on March 16th and will continue for 8 weeks

The upcoming space exploration game Space Misfits has announced a play-to-earn event during which they will distribute 21,000 CROWN tokens to players. With the event, they want to promote the game and test new features to help the team complete the creation of the new Space Station. 

The developers have been working on Space Misfits for years, and in the past 6 months, the team introduced a new game economy, NFTs, and more gameplay options. Space Misfits seemingly has the potential to be among the top play-to-earn games on the market, but they need to improve the game even further. That’s where this play-to-earn event comes into play. 

Players will get a chance to sign up for the CROWN airdrop, but also boost their chances to win by participating in in-game activities. A player leaderboard will distribute event tokens to top performers, which they can later exchange for CROWN tokens at the end of each airdrop week. 

The Space Misfits team has decided to separate the airdrop event into four event weeks, with a resting week between each of them. Consequently, this play-to-earn airdrop will last for a total of two months. 

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At the end of each event week, the team will distribute 4,000 CROWN tokens, and an additional 5,000 CROWN will be airdropped at the end of the 8-week period. Importantly, the 4,000 CROWN will be distributed among players in correlation to the number of Event Tokens they have managed to collect. For example, if all participants collected a total of 1,000 Event Tokens the first week, 1 Event Token would be exchanged for 4 CROWNs each.

To register for the Space Misfits airdrop, check out the Gleam campaign here, and fill out the registration form. 

Space Misfits boosts player engagement

The Space Misfits play-to-earn event places a serious focus on player engagement. Each of the event weeks will feature different tasks, allowing gamers to boost their success. Details regarding the complete list of tasks have not been released yet, however, the Space Misfits community can track updates here.

The first event week, which will last between March 16th and March 23rd will require players to build up the Space Misfits fleet. In order to earn Event Tokens, players will need to craft ships and deliver them to Sheriff Halloway. Crafting spaceships requires BIT tokens and an active Enjin wallet. 

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Submitting ships to Sheriff Halloway’s fleet will earn players Event Tokens, which can be exchanged for digital CROWN tokens during Rest Weeks. This means that the more ships you send to the fleet, the more CROWN tokens you’ll be able to claim from the airdrop. 

DappRadar will continue monitoring the Space Misfits ecosystem, as players jump into the play-to-earn CROWN airdrop event. If you want to explore more blockchain games, check out the complete DappRadar Top Blockchain Games ranking. Additionally, you can follow DappRadar on Twitter, to learn the latest gaming news first. 

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