Explore the Nemesis Metaverse with DappRadar’s Easter Event

Explore The Nemesis Metaverse With DappRadar Easter Event
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Join the 10-day challenge exploring this fast-developing virtual world

Metaverse explorers can enjoy the holidays and discover what the Nemesis virtual world has to offer. DappRadar has partnered up with this promising project to promote Web3 unity in this festive season. From 7 April to 17 April, anyone who visits the platform can participate in the Easter event, compete in a Trivia Quiz and earn rewards.

How to join the Easter challenge in the Nemesis

Unlike some metaverse worlds out there, The Nemesis welcomes every visitor for free, regardless of having a Web3 wallet or not. The metaverse platform is available on iOS, Android, and WebGL, and you can explore the different worlds as you like as a guest.

However, creating an account and connecting your wallet enhances your game experience and furthers its possibilities.

Join the Nemesis Metaverse Challenge DappRadar

If you want to take advantage of the opportunity, get to know the project and compete for the rewards, this is how you can join the Easter challenge:

  1. Make an account, and access The Nemesis metaverse from the 7 April at 2 pm UTC until the 17 April at 2 pm UTC
  2. Visit the Cloud City location in The Nemesis, which is the core of their platform
  3. Compete on the Trivia Quiz and join the Speed Run gameplay challenge

As a reward, participants who pass the Quiz will win three random The Nemesis in-game cards – a vital part of the play-to-earn economy system of the platform.

Moreover, every time you finish the Speed Run minigame, you earn one more random card (you can play it as many times as you want). But, at the end of the 10-day Easter challenge, the five best players (those who finished the speedrun in less time) will earn rewards in in-game tokens COIN. So you must be as fast as you can.

Speed Run Challenge The Nemesis

Take a look at the prizes for each winner:

  • 🏅#1 Place: 5,000 COINS
  • 🏅#2 Place: 4,000 COINS
  • 🏅#3 Place: 3,000 COINS 
  • 🏅#4 Place: 2,000 COINS
  • 🏅#5 Place: 1,000 COINS

Don’t worry, the Speed Run leaderboard is updated in real-time and visible to everyone inside the Cloud City. As soon as the event ends on 17 April, the Nemesis team will contact each of the 5 winners to give them the tokens.

The Nemesis’ COIN token will be out in late April/early May, and then users may swap the tokens for other crypto or fiat money. At the time of writing, COINS in the game are worth 0.01 USD.

It’s time to visit the Nemesis metaverse

As metaverse virtual worlds evolve and more people start accessing Web3, The Nemesis metaverse is diving into Web3 social events.

The Nemesis leverages Ethereum blockchain technology and grants its users access to different kinds of 3D virtual worlds, AR gaming adventures, and interactive social activities. In the sense of promoting the community part in this metaverse,  lands will also be owned by players, as season 1 of the lands presale is currently live.

This April, the leading dapp discovery platform DappRadar invites everyone in Web3 gaming to experience firsthand what a growing metaverse looks like.

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