Explore Crusaders of Crypto Dungeons and Win NFTs

Explore Crusaders of Crypto Dungeons and Win NFTs

Hold CRUSADER to participate in NFT airdrops

Crusaders of Crypto is a Binance Smart Chain play-to-earn opportunity, allowing players to participate in NFT drops while playing. Delve into the dungeons, battle with monsters, and top the leaderboards. Gamers are eligible for NFT airdrops based on the amount of CRUSADER tokens they hold.

Each run in Crusaders of Crypto opens up a new, randomly generated dungeon to explore. If you’re successful and manage to find your way through the dungeon, you’ll have to beat the boss monster. You can compare the game a bit with the classic dungeons from The Legend of Zelda, but the stakes are much higher. In Crusaders of Crypto, you don’t get a fake sword because it’s dangerous to go alone, instead you earn real rewards and every step is dangerous!

How to play Crusaders of Crypto?

Getting started in Crusaders of Crypto is super easy. You can log in with your BSC wallet or play as a guest. Keep in mind that to receive rewards and NFTs, you need to be logged in with your wallet address. 

Once logged in, you can choose among several game modes. The classic mode allows you to explore dungeons and fight with monsters. You can also try out the Event mode, which will record your high score and rank you in Crusaders of Crypto leaderboards. If you’re looking for more of a challenge, try the Tower mode. There you’ll have to run through an endless dungeon with multiple floors. Each floor of the dungeon represents a new difficulty level.

Last but not least, there’s the PVPD mode, which allows you to unleash your creativity. Build your own dungeon, decide what monsters will spawn, and which boss monster to fight at the end. All dungeons created in the PVPD mode are hosted on a community server so that other players can explore your dungeon too. 

Crusaders of Crypto NFTs

Regardless of the mode, you decide to play, having NFTs will always aid you. What’s more, NFTs allow you to customize your dungeons in PVPD mode. If you’re just starting and don’t want to wait to see if you got lucky to receive a free NFT, you can always visit the dedicated Crusaders of Crypto NFT Marketplace

Crusaders of Crypto uses all proceeds from NFT sales to make the game better. Half of the accumulated BNB from sales goes towards introducing developmental updates and marketing the game to new communities. The remaining profits are used to boost the value of the native CRUSADER token through buying up and burning tokens. 

Additionally, players can showcase their favorite NFTs in their personal Home Dungeon. This is a great opportunity to present your collection to your fellow crusaders and explore other players’ loot. 


CRUSADER is a fundamental part of the play-to-earn mechanics in Crusaders of Crypto. Players holding the native token automatically earn staking rewards in BNB. Additionally, CRUSADER plays an important role in determining which players receive free NFTs. According to the Crusaders of Crypto official documentation, for every 100,000,000,000 CRUSADER held, the drop rate bonus for NFT rewards increases by 1%. 

Holding CRUSADER opens up several additional benefits. Depending on the amount of native tokens in your wallet, you will get access to the dedicated NFT Vendor service, which allows you to sell any NFTs you are not using. 

To find out more about Crusaders of Crypto, you can visit their DappRadar page. If you are curious to talk with the team behind the game, you can also join our Telegram this Wednesday at 3 PM UTC for a joint AMA session with DappRadar and Crusaders of Crypto.

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