Exclusive: New Aavegotchi Wearables Revealed for Haunt 2

aavegotchi haunt 2 wearables

Everything you need to know regarding the new Haunt 2 wearables and this week’s auction

During the Haunt 2 Aavegotchi will not only bring 15,000 new pixel ghosts into the metaverse, but also a tremendous set of wearables. DappRadar takes an exclusive look at these new fashionable items for your Gotchis!

Aavegotchi are powerful NFTs and arguably the ultimate crypto pet. They enjoy intrinsic value (Aave aToken deposits), develop an affection for attentive owners (kinship score), and even level up with trait boosting XP. All of those important features are happening, so to speak, on the inside of the NFT. You can’t see them.

But on the outside, the most visually satisfying aspect of having an Aavegotchi pet involves being able to dress it. Because of their ability to link one NFT to another, an owner can equip a shopping mall’s variety of wearables to their Aavegotchis. The Aavegotchi dashboard showcases 8 slots that Gotchi owners can use to equip their pets with cool wearables.

Eight slots to make your Gotchi looks awesome!

Every wearable includes trait boosters so that each Aavegotchi’s rarity scores change in accordance with the wearables worn at that moment in time. This is key for climbing the “rarity farming” leaderboards and farming GHST tokens. The ability to “build-a-gotchi” by swapping out various wearables isn’t only visually pleasing, it also brings benefits to your yield farming NFT.

This Thursday, August 26 at 10am EST, Aavegotchi launches the Haunt 2 bid-to-earn auction. This NFT drop is only the second time that new Aavegotchis are minted into existence. Over three days, 12,000 Aavegotchi NFTs (Portals) will be auctioned alongside 34 completely new wearables. These wearables can be enjoyed as stand alone pieces, mixed and matched, or combined into sets that further boost an Aavegotchi’s rarity score. Today we are looking at all the new wearables and the sets they can be arranged in.

Source: Twitter/Aavegotchi – Some wearables have already been teased on social media, like this WGMI fast food set

Wearables Rarity Levels and Trait Boosting 

The wearables up for auction vary across all six rarity levels (common all the way to Godlike). Note that commons still only max out at 1,000 editions, so these are still quite rare relative to the growing amount of Aavegotchis in existence. There were 10,000 Aavegotchis distributed in Haunt 1, while an additional 12,000 will come this week. Haunt 2 also has a bonus 3,000 more Aavegotchis that will be won by GHST staking fans via a Drop Ticket raffle in early September.

The included chart also clearly illustrates the bonus points that equipping each wearable will give to your Aavegotchi’s Base Rarity Score (BRS).

Aavegotchi’s have four personality traits ranking from 0-100 on a bell curve. The best Aavegotchis have either extremely low or extremely high scores on these curves. Naturally, no one wants to be in the middle of the bell curve. That’s why you’ll notice that many wearables have negative trait scores associated with them. That simply means equipping that wearable will nudge your Aavegotchis trait further to the outer left of the bell curve; a good thing for your cumulative Base Rarity Score.

The four traits are:

  • Energy (NRG)
  • Aggression (AGG)
  • Spookiness (SPK)
  • Brain size (BRN)

Rarer items like the Godlike Cacti are powerful enough to modify multiple traits at once while common items typically can only modify one trait by only one point. To better prepare for the auction, we recommend visiting the Aavegotchi NFT Marketplace aka The Baazaar. This way you know about the real time market rates for the existing wearables. You will need to use GHST for all transactions on the marketplace.

First look at Aavegotchi Wearables

You now know what to look for with the wearables. That means it’s now time for the big unveiling of the wearables that will be available during Haunt 2. There will be hats (40,61%), body items (25,06%), hand items (15,06%), eyes (7,21%), face items (6,28%) and pets (5,77%).

While preparing for the auction you could look at how abundant each type of wearable is. For example, there are lots of hats and hair styles this time. The Piraate Hats and Guy Fawkes Masks are both common with 1,000 editions.

The “pet” slot is perhaps the most difficult slot for Aavegotchi owners to fill. They typically have to find a “Rofl Frog”, but those are expensive. Moreover, their traits modifiers only match well with very specific Aavegotchis. To be precise, only ones that have smol brains and zen-like energy on the left side of the bell curve. The addition of a new pet will be interesting. Most likely the new Cacti pet will be popular in this auction. It will be available at all rarity levels: common, rare, mythical and godlike.

10 Aavegotchi Base Sets

Equipping the right combination of wearables will unlock further rarity score boosts. In addition it reveals a clever wardrobe name on your Aavegotchi’s dashboard. Today we’re confirming the first ten sets and names for this auction. 

  • Shadowy Supercoder
  • Wraangler
  • Piraate
  • Aair Gotchi
  • Master Shaaman
  • Shaaman
  • Punk Rocker
  • WGMI Wagie
  • Cyborg
  • YOLO Guy

Equipping these sets will provide additional boosts and surely be sought after by owners ready to compete on upcoming Rarity Farming Season 2 leaderboards. These are the first ten revealed but we are certain more hidden “remix” sets waiting to be discovered.

If you want to learn more about Aavegotchi wearables, visit the Aavegotchi Wiki for a comprehensive list of all Aavegotchi wearables.

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