Exciting turn-based RPG Crypto Sword & Magic launches pre-sale and airdrop event

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Your new favorite EOS blockchain game is coming

EOS Knights is currently the most popular blockchain game with over 3,500 daily players, but it looks like it will soon have some competition.

Crypto Sword & Magic from South Korean developer Nod Games is gearing up for release and has just announced details of its pre-sale.

The 2D turn-based role-playing game (PC and mobile) is a blockchain version of the popular Facebook game Sword & Magic, which is played by over 700,000 gamers every month.

Obviously, the key difference between the two games is in the crypto version, you truly own all your heroes and items — weapons, armor, shields, rings etc — which are secured on the EOS blockchain.

As for the pre-sale, this is your chance to get some high-end items and super cool special effects that will never be made available again.

Prices start from 1 EOS for a Normal Chest containing one item, up to 50 EOS for a Diamond Chest containing 5 items, including 1 guaranteed Legendary item. Of course, you can buy multiple chests while stocks last.

Everyone can also participate in the game’s forthcoming airdrop event to get a game chest worth 1 EOS by signing up with your email and EOS wallet address here.

And check out the pre-sale here.

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