Everyone Can Benefit from Elysium’s Game-centric Ecosystem, and Here Is How

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Elysium’s eco-friendly ecosystem offsets carbon dioxide with tokenized trees.

Web3 gaming using blockchain as network infrastructure has tremendous potential yet to be unleashed. Vulcan Forged has built the Elysium blockchain to provide game users, developers, and investors interested in the space with a gaming ecosystem that benefits everyone.

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What is Elysium – an eco-friendly blockchain leveraging PoA consensus

Elysium is a Proof of Authority. This consensus mechanism gives a small and designated number of blockchain actors the power to validate transactions and update its distributed ledger. In the Elysium ecosystem, this function falls on the shoulders of Cronus Nodes, a network of 51 authority nodes. 

In return for their contribution, these authority nodes will receive part of the transaction fees generated on the Elysium blockchain. Additionally, the nodes will also receive a percentage of the royalty fees generated on Elysium. 

Vulcan Forged has partnered up with Coorest to allow Elysium to be carbon-neutral. The gas fee from Elysium transactions will be used to plant tokenized real-world trees, offsetting the CO2 emitted by the blockchain. So when using decentralized services on Elysium, users don’t need to worry about placing extra burdens on our fragile environment.

How does Elysium fuel the metaverse & gaming boom?

Vulcan Forged has extensive experience in game development and has a deep understanding of the needs of game users and developers. As a result, its Elysium blockchain is tailored for game studios, ensuring speed and security while providing various tools to help game and metaspace projects to thrive.

Currently, more than 40 projects have launched on or are coming to Elysium, bringing with them over 1 million NFTs for users to explore. The names on the list include VulcanVerse, The HUSL, Heavy Metal, Galactic Fight League, and more.


MetaScapes is a Metaverse-as-a-Service engine (MaaS) on Elysium. Any creative team and individual can leverage this engine to build their own metaverse to meet the needs of their users. 

Multiple token standards

ELS is the token standard on the Elysium blockchain. Elysium empowers developers with multiple NFT token standards to meet game development needs. 

ELS-M1 is a patented NFT protocol that makes interoperability of NFTs between metaverses possible. Furthermore, it will also store and load the entire plot data into the developers’ MetaScapes engine. 

The following protocols are built to support fungible and non-fungible assets to interact in smart contracts.

  • ELS-20 — fungible, interchangeable tokens that represent a single entity.
  • ELS-721 — standard Elysium non-fungible tokens (NFTs).
  • ELS-1155 — an NFT with dynamic metadata facilitates gaming, allowing for data to be changed or upgraded through, for example, progress in a game.


The Magma is a protocol that enables a process to convert all the Elysium-native tokens to PYR for all the Agora ( digital assets marketplace on Elysium) transactions. This is realized by ElysiumSwap, a decentralized exchange (DEX) on Elysium in the back-end using ElysiumSwap, decentralized exchange (DEX). 

Put simply, the transaction fee settled in PYR (or LAVA) is generated when ElysiumSwap automatically exchanges a user purchases NFT with any ELS-20 token for the user. ELS is the token standard that Elysium adopts.

The Elysium GIFT Protocol enables native fee delegation, meaning that it allows the gas fee generated by a user transaction to be sponsored by someone else, such as the project owner. With this feature, users can experience dapps smoothly without understanding the basics of blockchain, just like we don’t need to understand the principles of the Internet to use web services.

The Surge Protocol allows users to use any in-wallet token as their gas fee. Users can simply choose one of the available tokens, which will be converted to LAVA in the backend and then used as gas to process a transaction.

Game SDK

Elysium provides game developers with a robust game software development kit (SDK). It is a set of software-building tools for the Elysium blockchain, including building blocks, debuggers, and more. The SDK can help teams quickly integrate blockchain transactions in their games.


The Elysium Launchpad is a digital asset fundraising platform on Elysium aiming to support and advise teams to launch their projects smoothly. With Launchpad, teams will not only have powerful tools and capital resources but also have access to global user exposure and project development mentorship. 

How can general users benefit from the Elysium ecosystem

There are several ways for general users to participate in and benefit from the Elysium ecosystem. First, the wide variety of games and NFT projects on the Elysium blockchain are well worth trying out. Often these projects offer users the economic benefits powered by cryptos.

Another way is by holding Elysium’s ecosystem token, PYR, and here’s a look at how this can bring perks for users.

Holding PYR generates LAVA token

Holding PYR in the My Forge wallet can generate LAVA, the secondary token in the Elysium ecosystem. LAVA is the token that fuels the ‘engine’ of the Elysium blockchain. It is bounded to a fixed USD value to cover transaction fees or gas on Elysium. 

Having enough PYR makes one a Philosophers Council member

If users hold at least 80,000 PYR in their wallet,  they can request a place in the Vulcan Forged Philosophers Council. Being a Philosopher enjoys perks such as sharing a private Discord channel with Vulcan Forged CEO and senior staff, access to exclusive content,  unique outfits for wear in VulcanVerse, a Special Discord tag, and more.

Gain a node tier

Staking 2000 PYR, users can gain the first tier of the Typhon node. This action allows users to receive LAVA tokens continuously. It is worth mentioning that Typhon Nodes comes with six tiers; the higher the tier, the more rewards it generates. Read all about it here.

Become Eligible For NFTs drops

It is okay if you need more PYR to become a Typhon Node. You can choose to delegate your PYR to one of the Cronus Nodes. Cronus Node owners can airdrop NFT and/or tokens/LAVA bonuses to users who delegate their PYR to them.

In short, holding PYR will increase your chances of qualifying for future NFT airdrops.

Access to Elysium Launchpad

As touched upon before, Launchpad aims to help and advise startup teams to join the Elysium ecosystem quickly and smoothly. Developers can acquire access to the platform through a tiered system tied to a USD snapshot for PYR staking before launches.

Join the Web3 gaming bandwagon with Elysium

There is a rising demand for decentralized gaming. In September, the gaming sector continued to dominate the use of blockchain. According to the DappRadar Q3 BGA Report, the average daily Unique Active Wallet (UAW) for gaming reached 912,000, an 8% increase from the previous month, and accounted for 48% of blockchain activity.

Such a trend is also visible in Elysium. More and more projects are joining the Elysium family to take advantage of its efficient, environmentally friendly, sustainable ecosystem and token economy. Various dapps are popping up on this blockchain, thus attracting more and more users.

Whether you are a gamer, developer, or just interested in web gaming, you can learn more about Vulcan Forged and the Elysium blockchain by following the links below.

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