ETH Fighter: Pre-Sale Launch!

Presale launching 25th August 2020!

In an already fairly crowded arena, the developers of ETH Fighter believe they have created something truly unique, engaging, and fun to play. In what can be described as a sort of Street Fighter meets the blockchain game, ETH fighter looks like the real deal.

The team behind the game claims to have always had a big interest in video games and are very open in their ambitions to bring a very unique offer to the dapp game category.

“It probably shouldn’t come as a massive surprise to anybody that we are pretty big fans of video games. Why not? Video games are great! They’re fun and they challenge your mental and physical limitations. But we were playing ‘just another generic fighting game’ when we realized something: everything is a bit cookie-cutter these days. All the fighting games have the same generic traits, the same character types, everything is played in much the same way.” says the ETH Fighter team.

Presale and website launch

In August 2020 ETH Fighter will be releasing its full website and presale. This is the moment where users can purchase characters to use when the game officially starts. Furthermore, it gives users a chance to take a look around the website and see what is on offer. The launch dates for your diary are:

August 25th 2020 — Presale launch

November 2020 – Demo release

Due to the nature of ETH Fighter and the fact Ethereum will be the currency for purchasing characters, the team behind the game understands that people will need time to set up accounts and get ready for the full game release.

By launching the pre-sale in August 2020, the team hope that’ll give users lots of time to take a look at the characters, pick one or two which they think will be good, and then purchase them. Additional characters will follow later on, so it is also worth checking back and following ETH fighter on DappRadar to keep up to date with announcements.

ETH Fighter

November – Demo release

November will be the big date for people to keep an eye on because this is when the Demo game launches allowing people to interact with their characters and get a feel for the ETH Fighter game.

In November, users will be able to play the demo version of ETH Fighter against the CPU, and in December, against other players in the multiplayer mode. The good thing about launching it this way is that users will get plenty of time to practice against the CPU before competing against other real players.

New characters and stages will be released in the coming months following launch so be sure to keep an eye out for updates.

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