Ertha NFT Land Plots are Running Out

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BSC Game Ertha Grows in Popularity as HEX NFT Land Plots are snapped up by investors.

Ertha, the new play-to-earn game on Binance Smart Chain, is ablaze with investor interest. Thousands of keen gamers have snapped up desirable HEX land plots, from Sweden to Germany to the Middle East. Owning just one of the 350k NFT land plots generates real-life revenue–a worthwhile investment for many. 

Ertha is a play-to-earn game hosted on Binance Smart Chain. The addictive gameplay replicates real-life environments while a unique player-driven economy makes playing profitable. The scene for the Ertha metaverse is the globe as we know it but divided into 350,000 HEX land plots. 

NFT HEX land plots sell for ERTHA tokens. Many of the world’s most popular countries are already changing hands. Indeed, while the game is still in its testing mode, NFT HEXs are changing hands in anticipation of the game’s release. Over 2000 plots, priced between $200-500 sold to individual owners during private NFT sales. 

For the next 3 weeks, the Ertha team will open up a new country every 48 hours for a limited time. Turn on notifications for their tweets here, and read on to learn more about the gameplay, economics and how to get a slice of the action.

Down to Ertha

Upon touching down in Ertha, players form communities, explore, and leverage their Ertha world investigations to strengthen their NFTs. Holding a mirror to the modern-day, landowners in Ertha can manage companies, countries and cash flow to reach satisfying and rewarding outcomes.

An engaging massively multiplayer online role-playing game, one of the key facets is the Ertha world map. Choosing a HEX that borders a riskier country could be volatile, but traveling–particularly to desirable areas–is paramount. In essence, players must stockpile resources while competing and cooperating with other gamers. All of this takes place in a dynamic, responsive environment similar to the present day. 

In sum, successful players must have a sound understanding of a country’s infrastructure, economic strength and military prowess. These are the key comparative advantages and keys to success on Ertha. A nation state’s actions and decisions–be they economical or political–have wide-reaching consequences, especially during times of war. Sound familiar? 

Owning NFT Hex Land Plots Makes You Money

While admittedly the gameplay is interesting in itself, players can also earn a living. Earning ERTHA tokens and trading the valuable Hex land plots are valuable skills. But much like most new and fast-growing projects, being early to a project can be more important than inherent skill. For Ertha, that means snapping up a HEX quickly.

The Ertha globe comprises 350,000 HEX land plots which become revenue-generating NFTs for landowners. Over 2,000 sold in private sales; Saudi Arabia and the Middle East NFTs were particularly popular. The UAE, for example, sold out in hours. Recently, Germany and Sweden sparked interest while more countries will go live over the next 3 weeks. 

Crucially, being early to these NFT Hex land plots could make you money. From taxes to company turnover to revenue streams, all of these income-generating exercises take place on country land plots. Growing wealth in the real world becomes a lot easier if you can snap up a country in the Erthaverse. 

Play-to-earn, play-too-early

It is hard to understate the significance of play-to-earn gaming. Those that invest and play now are very, very early. The global video game industry is worth an estimated $300 billion. Axie Infinity, the world’s most popular p2e game, is worth just a meager $8bn. Ertha, by comparison, is not even live. What will happen when gamers realize they can have fun in Ertha while earning money?

Similarly, Venture Capitalists invested just $120 million into blockchain game-related platforms in October, according to DappRadar. It’s a rapidly growing investing venture showing a positive growth trend. What will happen to games like Ertha when it really catches on?
Overall, if you want to buy a HEX in your country, you’d better hurry up. Snap it up at Ertha before it’s gone.

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