Ertha NFT Land Owners Team Up in Unions

Ertha NFT Land Owners Team Up in Unions

Devs add Spain and Portugal NFTs because of popular demand

Ertha is a virtual world simulation game on Binance Smart Chain that recently launched its NFT land sales. The launch is a booming success with plots going out fast. The Ertha team was even forced to add two more countries to the list of available plots, adding Spain and Portugal. 

Ertha is an ambitious project aiming to recreate the world we live in on Binance Smart Chain, by allowing players to create companies, businesses, and empires. This way Ertha reshapes play-to-earn mechanics. To be able to create a business, however, each player will need a land plot NFT to operate on. Considering the importance of these land NFTs, it is no surprise they sold out fast. 

During the sale, it became evident that UAE is the most sought-after of all the countries. The region broke records for being sold out on the first day of sales. The other regions that are currently available for purchase are the USA, Brazil, China, Australia, Indonesia, Russia, Vietnam, and the Philippines.

Of course, when choosing the plots you want to purchase, you’re going to base your decision not only on the potential economic prosperity of the region. According to the Ertha team, everyone chooses Hexes based on the plus sides of their homeland, but they do not forget countries they once visited or still have enlisted in their dream travel plans. These and many other questions are now constantly flowing on Ertha Discord, Telegram, and Twitter channels. Additionally, land NFT owners have plenty of ideas of what and how they will do with their Hexes.

Ertha players are considering unions

Land plots are the main topic of conversation for the Ertha community at the moment. While players are anxiously waiting to hear more about the upcoming gaming mechanics, their attention now focuses on forging alliances and unions based on land. 

Interesting, and most importantly, valid questions are flooding Ertha’s social media channels.

“Why don’t we unite and buy the whole of Spain so that we can have ten Corridas a year?”

“And will it be possible to get married and combine the lands of several players? We have a lot of sympathy here with one owner of a large area, so as long as my wife can’t see… “

Some countries have managed to form stronger bonds. For example, players owning land in Turkey are becoming a possible world power. They are uniting around common plans and ideas. The beauty of the game is that you actually get to interact with countries that exist in the real world. This, and the fact that players have the chance to form alliances, strengthens Ertha’s immersive power. 

If you’d like to get in on the action and purchase a land plot on Ertha, you still have time. Visit the official land purchasing page. Select your region of interest and the number of hex plots you’d like to purchase. The Ertha team will then contact you to finalize your purchase. Hurry, while there are plots available in this virtual recreation of the world. 

DappRadar is excited to see play-to-earn take a new form in the shape of Ertha. We will continue monitoring the project as gameplay and play-to-earn mechanics are introduced in this extensive virtual copy of our world. 

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