Epic Games Store Adds Blockchain Game GRIT by Gala Games

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GRIT is an NFT-powered battle royale shooting game

Gala Games announced that its play-to-earn (P2E) shooting game GRIT will land on the Epic Game Store. This potentially allows Gala’s blockchain gaming ecosystem to expand to a diverse gamer base.


  • Gala Games’ GRIT will be one of the first P2E NFT games on the Epic Games Store. 
  • To start the game, players need to go to the Gala Games Store and get their gunslingers, a collection of 10,000 unique in-game NFT characters.
  • GALA was up 18% after the announcement.
  • Gala’s most popular gaming dapp, Mirandus, achieved outstanding data performance despite the market turmoil, with user numbers and transactions increasing by 100% and 161%.

June 6, 2022, Blockchain gaming company Gala Games announced its Wild West shooting game GRIT would debut on the Epic Games Store. The storefront operated by Epic Games serves over 190 million PC and Mac users. It offers players with the world’s most popular games, such as Fortnite.

According to Gala’s official Medium blog, GRIT will be one of the first web3 games with P2E mechanics on the Epic Games Store. It suggests that the blockchain game developer and publisher may supply multiple gaming dapps to the store. This strategic move will bring Gala Games one step closer to getting mainstream due to Epic’s massive gamer base. 

Players need a gunslinger NFT to start GRIT

GRIT is a battle royale game where gunslingers meet in solo, duo, or squad matches to fight for rewards in the Wild West. Therefore, players need to get their gunslingers from the Gala Games Store to start the game. A collection of 10,000 unique NFT gunslingers will be available for sale in Character Boxes. It’s worth noting that each character is generative with a unique combination of attributes and traits. 

The sale of Character Boxes will happen in phases, with each phase having different prices. Each phase lasts for 24 hours, starting from 1:45 pm CET. The detailed sales schedule is as follows:

  • June 6th — Galaverse Attendees- $600.
  • June 7th — Founder’s Node License holders- $1200.
  • June 8th — Gala Gold- $1500.
  • June 9th — Public Sale- 50% of the floor price on secondary markets with a hard floor at $1500.

At the writing, users can buy a Character Box at about 15,000 in GALA, the ecosystem token of Gala Games. Those first-time GALA players may not have GALA tokens in their wallets yet, but they don’t need to worry. With DappRadar’s easy-to-use Token Swap tool, users can easily top up their wallets with GALA tokens. Plus, users can leverage the DappRadar Portfolio Tracker to significantly improve their crypto assets management efficiency. Whether it’s NFTs or cryptocurrencies, DappRadar Portfolio Tracker provides an intuitive interface for users to understand the performance of their crypto wealth.

GALA was up 18% after the announcement

GALA, the native token of Gala Games‘ ecosystem, was up by nearly 18% within 24 hours after the announcement, shooting to $0.088. The positive performance could be triggered by the GRIT news or the increased GALA demand due to the gunslinger NFT sale. 

Gala Games

According to DappRadar Industry Report May Edition, blockchain gaming has been the most resisting sector to the industry bear market turmoil. For example, the number of daily unique active wallets decreased only by 5% compared to April. 

A similar trend appeared in NFT trading volume as well. We found that the NFT sector generated $3.7 billion in May. Although it is a 20% drop from April measured in dollar value, the change in token value shows a fall of only 6.5%.

Furthermore, it’s worth noting that high-quality blockchain games could even outperform the bear market. A good example is Gala’s Mirandus. Impressively, the fantasy RPG game attracted 8,860 unique users to the dapp over the past 30 days, a remarkable increase of 100%. In addition, Mirandus registered 43,350 transactions for the same period, increasing by over 161%. All this is solely based on trading in the NFT collection, as the game itself isn’t live yet.  

Gala Games Mirandus

DappRadar will continue monitoring the latest developments of GRIT, Gala Games’ ecosystem, and the NFT gaming field. Follow us on Twitter, Discord, and Youtube to keep up with the dynamic blockchain world. 

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