Chain Clash goes live with 500 EOS prize pool

EOS fighting game Chain Clash’s public beta is now available

After spawning headlines by auctioning playable John McAfee, Brock Pierce, and Crystal Rose fighters, free-to-play fighting game Chain Clash has launched its public beta.

The mobile-first EOS-based game went live on 2 April. Chain Clash goes heavy on collecting and improving your avatars through clashes and training. Then battling them against other players for rewards. 

The more you fight, the more XP your avatar accumulates, while winning advances avatars on the ladder leaderboard.

How it works

Each avatar is defined by four base attributes: Strength, Resilience, Agility, and Wisdom. These are increased as you directly boost them with the shards you win.

Each avatar belongs to one of five rarity tiers – common, rare, epic, legendary and mythic and each tier limits the maximum level an avatar can reach; from level 60 for common to 140 for mythic. 

Gameplay-wise, the basic mechanic is similar to games like Cheeze Wizards. With players pre-selecting three attacking and three defensive moves, which then play out once a battle is started.  

After clashing, remember to keep an eye on your avatar’s health points level. If it takes too much damage, it might die. Taking time to recover HP before the next clash will preserve your avatar. However, death in Chain Clash is not permanent, and you can always buy a revival orb or wait 24 hours for the avatar to come back to life.

Blockchains as clans

Another interesting feature is Chain Clash’s clan system, which revolves around different cryptocurrencies – Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS, TRON, etc. 

As well as rarity, each avatar is also defined by its clan and this influences how its attributes increase. For example, as a stable network, Bitcoin avatars level up their resilience quickly but as its development rate is slow, BTC avatar increases agility slowly.

Although not fully implemented in the beta version, this meta-structure will eventually feed into the long-term activity in Chain Clash. This will revolve around regular competitive events between the different clans and subsequent big rewards for the winners.  

According to the development company Chainwise, the Chain Clash franchise will expand with a more graphically-rich experience featuring your avatars called Chain Clash Arcade. That’s due for release later in 2020. 

The Chain Clash public beta is now available. You’ll need an EOS wallet; Wombat is recommended but you can use Scatter too. 

To test — and reward! — your clashing skills, DappRadar and the Chain Clash team are running a special promo contest worth 500 EOS.

How to enter

To qualify, follow Chain Clash and DappRadar on Twitter. And retweet this post tagging three friends.

Then play the game, gaining a score of more than 1010 points, which should only take 5 or 6 clashes, and tweet a screenshot of your avatar.

Five winners will gain an in-game Epic bundle and 10 EOS, while five winners will get a Genesis bundle and 10 EOS. There’s another 10 EOS bonus if you tag a winner. 

The winners will be chosen at random amongst those who qualified and met all the requirements. The competition will end on 14 April 2020. 

Check out the details here and join the Chain Clash Discord here

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