Entering the Metaverse: What is Dvision Network?

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A user-driven virtual universe powered by the blockchain

Dvision Network is a digital universe, powered by blockchain technology. It’s a digital environment where people can trade virtual goods and pay for services using DVI tokens. Through cryptocurrencies and the use of non-fungible tokens, Dvision is part of the larger metaverse ecosystem. 

Imagine any MMO game you’ve ever played, like World of Warcraft, Guild Wars 2, or EverQuest. In these games players need to gather resources, defeat enemies, and complete quests to earn gold. This gold can then be used to acquire better armor and weapons. However, the moment you stop playing, all that time you put into it is nothing more than just a memory. In the metaverse, that’s different. 

Virtual environments like Dvision Network allow users to own virtual space, digital items and monetize their possessions by using an in-game cryptocurrency. These scarce assets can be traded on an open marketplace and represent actual value. This allows value and data to flow between different virtual worlds, all together forming one networked mega universe, referred to as the metaverse. 

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Introducing Dvision

Dvision Network is a blockchain-based NFT metaverse platform. Users can access content through computers, mobile devices, or VR helmets, and content creators can make fashion shows, art exhibitions, games, or virtual shops inside of their metaverse.

Dvision Network has three pillars for its platform:

  • NFT Market – An NFT Marketplace where users create or trade unique digital items 
  • Meta Space – Here users acquire and customize their own virtual space
  • Meta City – A public collection of Virtual Spaces 

The virtual environment supports the use of various social, commercial, and service-related tools. This would range from chatting functions and video conferences, all the way to AI-controlled non-player characters and integrated payment options.

Virtual economy

At the center of all the economic activity in Dvision is the DVI token. Users receive the token as a reward, but can also use it to pay for goods and services or to trade NFTs with other people. DVI is an ERC-20 token with a maximum supply of 1 billion tokens, which has also been presented as a BEP-20 token according to their recent disclosure

The world of Dvision is made up of virtual real estate, each parcel represented by an ERC-721 token. These parcels can only be bought using DVI tokens. Then, in order to make a parcel publicly accessible, landowners must stake a certain amount of DVI tokens. Furthermore, they can then monetize their land by for example offering advertising services or by reselling their virtual real estate. On their land, they can build a virtual home, an interactive game, an exhibition, a theme park, and so on.  

At the same time avatars and certain digital items are ERC-1155 tokens, or NFTs. Entering the virtual world requires an avatar, and therefore users will need to create one when joining the Dvision or they can easily purchase it from their primary NFT market or even from a secondary market using DVI tokens. 

Market trend: virtual environments

In April 2021 we’ve seen an increased interest in virtual worlds and the metaverse. This wasn’t only symbolic by the rise of celebrities joining in the NFT hype, but this trend was also reflected in the sales of virtual lands. While most of the NFT market experienced a decline in sales, virtual worlds like The Sandbox, Decentraland and Cryptovoxels saw the trading volume of their land sales increase. 

Investors spent more than $22 million on virtual land in The Sandbox, Decentraland, Cryptovoxels and Somnium Space alone. Several other virtual universes are working towards a land sale, like for example Ember Sword and My Neighbor Alice. 

Overall there’s a strong sentiment of investing in digital worlds and virtual reality. Last month Epic Games closed a $1 billion funding round to invest deeper into their vision of the metaverse. At the same time Dapper Labs, which raised $250 million in February and another $65 million this month, is collaborating on bringing Genies to the market. Which shows a clear demand and trust in the development of digital identities, virtual worlds and with real economies. 

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