Enter the Metaverse with Uland and its ULAND Token

Enter the Metaverse with Uland and its ULAND Token
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Everything you need to know about Uland in one place

Uland is a virtual world and NFT platform on Binance Smart Chain that allows users to purchase NFT land representing real-world geographical places. As the metaverse continues to gain prominence among gamers, collectors, and crypto enthusiasts alike, Uland aims to bridge the virtual and physical world. 

Uland offers crypto enthusiasts a way to enjoy the metaverse and the NFT space. More importantly, a chance to own their own city, state, or even country. At the time of writing, Uland has gone through the initial country sale. The platform is now actively offering individual states and regions for sale.

Importantly, Uland aims to create a complete economic ecosystem alongside the mapping of real-life countries in the metaverse. Thanks to the platform’s native token ULAND, NFT owners can earn passive income from owning a piece of land in Uland.

Owning a Uland NFT allows you to decide the fate of your land completely. Be it a city, a region, or a country, holding that NFT entitles you to become the King and almighty ruler of that land. Of course, you can change the name of your land plot. Finally truly renaming New York into The Big Apple and Tokyo into Neo Tokyo.

Rewards and the ULAND token

Aside from offering an innovative bridge between the real world and the metaverse, Uland also aims to create a life-like economic hierarchy in the game. The primary device to achieve that comes in the platform’s native ULAND token. 

For example, when a collector purchases the NFT representing the United States, they will receive a passive income in  ULAND tokens for every individual region and city that sells after that. Impressively, the commission sits at 10% of the value of each sale, which is quite a generous reward. 

Additionally, the ULAND token facilitates important functionalities like liquidity pools and marketing efforts for the Uland ecosystem.

As a BEP-20 token, ULAND can be easily exchanged and transferred to other blockchains and ecosystems. You can swap your ULAND tokens with the DappRadar Token Swap service. Just connect your wallet here, and swap ULAND for any other token on Binance Smart Chain. 

DappRadar will continue monitoring Uland, as the platform moves into phase three of its land sale. To check out Uland, visit their official dapp page here. If you want to learn the latest metaverse news first, follow DappRadar on Twitter, and join our Discord community. 

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