Ember Sword’s Immutable X Migration Boosts Activity

Ember Sword’s Immutable X Migration Boosts Activity
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Check out the top-performing games of the first week of June 2022

Ember Sword has successfully migrated to the Immutable X chain, and the asset migration process has boosted activity for the platform significantly. As a result of this major change, Ember Sword tops the DappRadar Top Blockchain Games weekly ranking.

Crypto Blades’ birthday celebration also had a positive effect on the games’ performance pushing it to the second spot this week. Sunflower Lands completes the top three with over 60,000 unique active wallets connected to the game in the past seven days. 

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Blockchain gaming dapps are multiplying by the minute as the web3 space is welcoming more and more players. According to the latest DappRadar Industry Report, blockchain gaming dapps are resisting the crypto crash effectively, with only a 5% decrease in activity and 197% growth year-over-year.

Browse the complete list of the top 10 blockchain games of the week below. You can also click on the respective image to learn more about each platform.

Top 10 blockchain games – Week 23

1. Ember Sword

Ember Sword ranks first this week after a successful migration to the Immutable X chain. The migration process boosted activity on the platform by over 2000%. This is a significant increase and is partially motivated by the lucrative migration rewards Ember Sword offers. Players will receive 1 IMX token for each Ember Sword asset they migrate to the new chain. 


CryptoBlades celebrated its birthday last week with a long list of activities, parties, and competitions. The festive spirit had a positive effect on activity for the game, which attracted over 33,000 unique active wallets in the past seven days. 

3.Sunflower Land

Sunflower Land continues to defy the bear market as one of the most visited gaming dapps on the Polygon blockchain. In the past week, the platform attracted over 60,000 unique active wallets and saw its native token SFL gain 29% in valuation. 

4.The Sandbox

Virtual world The Sandbox is bracing for a busy month of June with numerous events and pirates on the schedule. Some of the highlights include real-life events with Playboy and Warner Music Group in New York towards the end of the month. The hype surrounding these events helped push activity on The Sandbox, which attracted over $850,000 in NFT trading volume in the past seven days. 


Arc8 is steadily building up its userbase, and the launch of Season 3 has pushed activity even further. Season 3 brought forward a whole new gaming experience with the Hoops mini-game. In the past seven days, Arc8 attracted over 43,000 unique active wallets. 


Upland ranks sixth this week after attracting over 130,000 unique active wallets. The game still leads as the most visited dap on the EOS blockchain. What’s more, Upland is currently hosting its real-life Las Vegas treasure hunt. 

7.Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained has had an impressive week, boosting its user base by more than 100% attracting over 6,000 unique active wallets. Still riding on the hype wave from its Mortal Judgement card pack release, the game ranks seventh this week. 

8.NFT Worlds

Ranking eight this week, NFT Worlds makes a comeback to the chart despite a slight drop in valuation for its native token WRLD. The platform generated more than $400,000 in NFT trading volume in the past week and announced that the gaming client will receive a major update soon. 


Last month’s leading gaming dapp Splinterlands takes a slight hit this week, after attracting over 40% fewer users in the past seven days. Still, the game attracted over a quarter of a million unique active wallets in the past week, which is no small feat. 

10.Decentral Games

Virtual world poker and casino gaming platform Decentral Games ranks tenth this week following a slight 5% boost in unique active wallets. More impressively, the platform saw its native token DG gain over 15% in valuation in the past seven days. 

Ember Sword moves to Immutable X

Ember Sword has been steadily growing on the Polygon blockchain for months now. After holding a pretty successful land sale on the chain, the team decided to look for new opportunities to grow. And Immutable X was the answer. 

Ember Sword announced its Immutable x partnership in November last year, and now the migration process is complete. What remains to be done is for users to transfer their Ember Sword assets to the Immutable X chain. 

In an effort to incentivize this process and push the migration along, Ember Sword announced a lucrative rewards program. The team has set aside a 20,000 IMX pool in order to reward the most eager players who migrate their assets. In essence, players will receive 1 IMX for each asset they migrate until the pool runs dry. This is a sweet deal as one IMX token is currently worth $0.96, which means players will be getting close to a dollar for each asset they move to Immutable X. 

DappRadar will continue monitoring the blockchain gaming space as projects push against the bearish market trends. You can view to complete Top Blockchain Games Ranking here. It gives you detailed information about gaming dapps across all chains tracked on DappRadar. What’s more, you can follow DappRadar on Twitter to get the latest gaming news first. 

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