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Discover NFTs, AI, DeFi, and gaming dapps on the Elysium network

DappRadar is excited to integrate Elysium, a blockchain network tailored for gaming, AI, and the metaverse. Elysium’s scalability, EVM compatibility, and innovative zero-gas NFT marketplace provide a fertile ground for the growth of Web3 projects. Through this integration, Web3 users can stay updated with the latest Elysium dapp trends. Furthermore, they can gain valuable insights into these dapps’ performance using essential metrics such as trading volume, transaction count, and unique active wallets.

What is Elysium?

Elysium is a gaming and AI oriented blockchain at the heart of the Vulcan Forged ecosystem. Focusing on gaming, AI, and the metaverse, it is capable of handling substantial throughput demands of activities while maintaining a carbon-neutral approach.

The Elysium blockchain leverages the technology of the Polkadot network, but also offers full compatibility with Ethereum smart contracts. This means developers can build with Elysium using both Ethereum and Substrate APIs. Furthermore, the development process is streamlined by utilizing familiar Ethereum libraries and development environments.

Interacting with the Elysium blockchain is easy through popular Ethereum-compatible wallets like MetaMask and Ledger. The blockchain’s native token, LAVA, drives its ecosystem, while the inclusion of the PYR token expands its network capabilities. Notably, this ensures that users and players familiar with Vulcan Forged studio’s games can smoothly transition and continue their journey, supported by both tokens.

Top Elysium dapps on DappRadar

Before Elysium debuted, Vulcan Forged had already established various vibrant gaming dapps. The launch of Elysium has brought forth further enhancements to users’ experiences, encompassing gaming, NFTs, DeFi, AI, and beyond. 

Exploring Elysium through DappRadar’s rankings provides a closer glimpse into its dynamic and evolving landscape.

Elysium Swap

Elysium Swap is an integral part of Elysium, functioning as a decentralized exchange (DEX). This platform facilitates swaps of multiple ERC20-compatible tokens, including PYR, LAVA, MATIC, ETH, and more, spanning various networks. With Elysium, users can not only exchange tokens but can also become liquidity providers, unlocking opportunities to earn rewards through staking and farming mechanisms.


Agora stands as Elysium’s native NFT marketplace, a hub for creativity. NFTs and collections on Agora range from captivating gaming projects to the expansive metaverse. But what sets Agora apart is its user-centric nature, allowing for hassle-free engagement without any gas fee. As a versatile platform for artists, gamers, and explorers, Agora not only empowers users but also nurtures the dynamic growth of Elysium.


VulcanVerse is an expansive open-world MMORPG that blends Greek mythology with a compelling narrative written by Fighting Fantasy authors. Within this virtual world, players embark on an epic journey filled with adventure and discovery. On its mesmerizing landscape, players forge quests, uncover NFT treasures, and battle fellow Vulcanites, all while surrounded by ancient legends. The native token, PYR, further enriches the experience by serving as a settlement, staking, and gaming currency, harmoniously blending myth, aesthetics, and economic engagement.

Elysium’s hackathon: Developers, get ready to win

Elysium has unveiled a ground breaking hackathon with an enticing $1 million reward pool, marking a significant moment for the Vulcan Forged’s ecosystem. The event beckons developers, dapp creators, and gamers to unleash their creativity and #BuildOnElysium. Participants can craft innovative tools, dapps, or games on an open canvas. Recognizing the pivotal role of infrastructure, developers are called upon to construct elements such as explorers and bridges that enhance user experiences.

This initiative rewards excellence, with prizes tied to impact and user adoption. Whether attracting users or crafting indispensable tools, exceptional contributions earn substantial rewards.

Elysium’s vision extends beyond a platform; it’s a thriving economic ecosystem, fostering community participation, and unlocking boundless potential for Elysium Layer-1.

Submit your Elysium dapps to DappRadar

DappRadar welcomes Elysium dapp developers to submit their applications with us. By doing so, projects can leverage our platform as a central hub for users to discover dapps and enhance your project’s visibility.

Those interested in learning more about the Elysium network and the possibilities available can start on the Elysium website and developer docs.

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