Eligibility Requirements for the RADAR Token Airdrop

eligibility requirements radar token airdrop

A complete explanation about the first RADAR airdrop

DappRadar has introduced RADAR, a utility token for the DappRadar ecosystem that powers The World’s Dapp Store. In this article we talk about the eligibility requirements for that token airdrop. What makes you qualify for the RADAR token airdrop?

The first RADAR token airdrop is meant for the most dedicated dapp community members. 

These are, in part, users who have actively used DappRadar, made an account, used our portfolio tracker and perhaps made a few swaps using the Token Swap. However, we do realize that DappRadar isn’t embraced by everybody, and therefore we reward active dapp users without a DappRadar account as well. 

Active users of the wider dapp ecosystem — the ecosystem DappRadar is an integral part of — are also rewarded. This means there are two token airdrops, but users with an eligible wallet can only claim one, even when they fit the criteria for both. 

The DappRadar token airdrop criteria

OPTION 1 – Users with a registered account on DappRadar with a connected wallet and email address, who have used at least 1 Ethereum dapp in the past 6 months. This dapp must be listed on DappRadar.

  • Registered account on DappRadar (email + wallet connected)
  • Used 1 Ethereum dapp in the past 6 months
    • You can find this dapp on DappRadar
  • Before the snapshot date: October 19, 2021 (23:59:59 UTC)

OPTION 2 – Any dapp user who has used 1 Ethereum dapp in the past 6 months, and at least 10 Ethereum dapps in a wallet’s lifetime. Again, the dapps must be listed on DappRadar. 

  • Used 10 Ethereum dapps in the lifetime of your wallet
    • You can find all dapps on DappRadar
  • Used 1 Ethereum dapp in the past 6 months?
    • You can find this dapp on DappRadar
  • Before the snapshot date: October 19, 2021 (23:59:59 UTC)

This is a retrospective airdrop

The moment any company in Web3 announces a token, there’s an incredible increase in demand. DappRadar first wants to reward those who have been actively using its platform  and the wider dapp ecosystem long before any token announcements, because of their loyalty and belief in this ecosystem. This is why the first RADAR token airdrop is retrospective. 

Eligibility for the airdrop has been calculated based on user activity in the past. All user activity has either been registered on the blockchain or through our own internal user registration system.

All calculations have been done at the snapshot date: October 19, 2021 (23:59:59 UTC)

Reasons a wallet doesn’t qualify

❌ If the wallet only interacted with dapps on Polygon, Binance Smart Chain or other blockchains. For this airdrop we ONLY look at Ethereum dapps.

❌ If the wallet interacted with dapps not tracked by DappRadar, then those do NOT count for this airdrop. We only count Ethereum dapps registered to DappRadar.

❌ If the wallet is linked to DappRadar, but not to a registered account. Linking your wallet to DappRadar is NOT the same as registering an account. A registered account has 2 elements: a confirmed e-mail address and a linked wallet. Both are required to be eligible.

❌ If the wallet interacted with dapps or the owner made a DappRadar account AFTER the snapshot date October 19, 2021 (23:59:59 UTC) it does NOT qualify for this airdrop.

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