Edensol GameFi Integrates Secretum Messaging and Trading Dapp

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Edensol and Secretum team up to provide a seamless metaverse experience

The next-gen GameFi project Edensol integrates the Secretum messaging dapp to provide users in both communities with a comprehensive yet highly-secure metaverse experience. In the partnership with Edensol, Secretum empowers the project’s users to communicate and trade in-game assets in a fully decentralized and anonymous fashion.

GameFi has been among the hottest product categories in the blockchain space since the summer of 2021. Edensol steps in and wants to elevate the user experience. This doesn’t only mean Edensol will bring a strong gamified experience, but it also needs more. That’s where Secretum comes into play. Bringing GameFi to the next level. 

GameFi is booming!

GameFi has been leading the innovation in the gaming industry for a while. In essence, GameFi projects leverage blockchain infrastructure to enable players to access a dynamic crypto-economy that has never existed in the traditional gaming area. Thanks to GameFi, digital assets that used to be impossible to bring real-world values now become sources of income. As a result, GameFi ushered in an unprecedented boom like a rising star in the blockchain world. 

In February, 1.1 million Unique Active Wallets (UAW) connected to blockchain games on an average daily basis, accounting for 49% of the usage in the broader blockchain industry. 

These GameFi dapps typically have their intrinsic economies and gameplay that allow players to enjoy the fun and gain profit. Edensol incorporates all the necessary attributes of a high-quality GameFi project. Moreover, the team took this concept a step further by integrating the Secretum dapp to provide a seamless yet comprehensive metaverse GameFi experience.

Edensol fueling the GameFi uptrend

Gaming quickly takes center stage in the blockchain industry by fusing immersive virtual worlds with social elements and financial potential. According to the DappRadar industry overview tool, blockchain gaming has relatively stable performance despite the cryptocurrency market turmoil we are currently observing. Based on the graph below, we can also spot a slight uptrend in blockchain gaming recently. Arguably, high-quality GameFi projects, such as Edensol fulfill game enthusiasts’ strong demand and thus enhance industry sustainability.

Edensol integrates Secretum

Edensol gameplay and tokenomics explained

Edensol introduced a revolutionary gaming metaverse that combines fantasy and action, leveraging groundbreaking NFTs on the Solana blockchain. The play-to-earn game is exciting and easy to understand. In Edensol, players have to fight against increasingly stronger monsters to earn rewards. To do so, you need to purchase a character. The monsters will occasionally drop armor pieces, swords, and other rare and collectible items. Of course, these are all tradable NFTs! In addition, players can then use these pieces to equip their character, level up, and become stronger. As players become stronger, they can fight more powerful monsters to win rare gear items and more significant rewards.

At the heart of the Edensol economy, we find NSOL, the native token. Players can use NSOL to purchase NFTs, including heroes, gear, energy boosts, tournament tickets, pets, etc. Of course, players can find these NSOL tokens on a marketplace, but there are also other ways:

  • By winning in-game rewards through gameplay. Specifically, you can earn NSOL when defeating monsters or other players.
  • By winning bets on battle outcomes.

Adding Secretum for the ultimate metaverse experience 

Secretum provides end-to-end encrypted and fully decentralized trading on the Solana blockchain. All data is safely stored on the independent and verified nodes in the Secretum network. In addition, Secretum introduces an entirely anonymous and secure sign-up process with the user’s crypto wallet address as the only identity. Finally, Secretum empowers users to experience GameFi in the metaverse smoothly like never before with a messaging and trading function hybrid. And Edensol is just among the many GameFi projects that benefit from Secretum’s innovation.

After integrating with Secretum, Edensol can provide its players with highly-secured end-to-end communications. At the same time, Secretum’s encrypted P2P trading allows gamers to exchange their assets without revealing their identity and with peace of mind.

It is worth mentioning that the partnership between Edensol and Secretum is a mutually beneficial one. Edensol will be a great addition to the Secretum community, bringing fantastic metaverse and play-to-earn perks. 

To successfully compete in a dynamic, fast-paced industry like blockchain gaming, projects need to find the perfect allies. Without a doubt, the alliance between Secretum and Edensol is a solid one that will thrive.





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