Earn LAVA with Vulcan Forged Cedalion Program

Vulcan Forge

Newly introduced Cedalion Program blessing for users of the Vulcan ecosystem

Users active in the Vulcan Forged now have new means to earn LAVA tokens, as the Cedalion Program has launched. Players can rent out their NFTs to earn passive income, giving other gamers the opportunity to earn using those assets.

Vulcan Forged is a dapp ecosystem, game studio and marketplace. It uses the PYR and LAVA tokens as essential parts of its ecosystem. These tokens can move between Polygon, Ethereum and they recently bridged to Binance Smart Chain as well. While broadening the market reach of their tokens, the Vulcan Forged ecosystem gains traction among gamers as well. 

Derived from Greek mythology, the ‘Cedalion’ program is for Vulcanites wishing to borrow or rent out their NFTs. Players earn LAVA in reward for renting out their NFTs. Similarly, borrowers pay LAVA to use and even upgrade the NFT if they so wish. Elsewhere in the Vulcan Forged universe, there are important game updates on the horizon.

A lot to LAVA

The Cedalion program brings with it a new dashboard where players can view and manage their NFTs in Myforge. The Yield Guild Games, Merit Circle, and two undisclosed guilds are partners of the new program. However anyone can rent or lend out NFTs.

As the first LAVA route to come to the game, the Cedalion program is hotly anticipated. Plus, landowners can rent out their NFTs as part of Cedalion for 100% LAVA or rent them out for free and take 50% of the LAVA. 

Vulcan Forged offers a variety of games in its ecosystem, from the online world VulcanVerse to the trading card game Berserk.  Players can rent out these Berserk cards and other NFTs to Cedalions to earn LAVA. They can then use their earnings in other games. Players can also earn LAVA by using their Berserk game characters, which are minted for free, in a version of 3D speed chess.

Finally, players can earn LAVA through the referral program. Users can earn double the amount of LAVA by signing their friends and peers up to play in the Vulcan Forged ecosystem. Ultimately, the game platform seeks to hit the target of 100,000 users by the end of year–an impressive feat for a blockchain game. 

Vulcan-ic activity

Vulcan Forged is erupting with activity in the tail end of 2021. Upcoming games include Tower Defense and a new AR battle app. In addition, the second season for the card game Berserk will go live ), while Forge Arena, an NFT auto-battler, has important updates. Finally, Block Babies, the cutest game in the Vulcan Forged arsenal will kickstart 2022. 

DappRadar will keep a close eye on the rapidly growing Vulcan Forged ecosystem in 2021 and 2022. The BSC protocol may open up new avenues and attract more users while the team has also hinted at four new fantasy metaverses. These new worlds come to the gaming ecosystem in early 2022. 
To view the full array of Vulcan Forged dapps that will benefit from PYR’s BSC integration, check out DappRadar Rankings.

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