Dvision Network Announces Partnership with Enjin

The digital universe aims to be the first to span across 5 blockchains

Dvision Network, an Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain virtual environment, has announced that it will also deploy on the Enjin blockchain. Powered by the DVI token, Dvision Network allows users to pay for goods and interact with other users. By deploying on Enjin, Dvision aims to expand each of its virtual worlds in an effort to become the first to be available on five different blockchains. 

Dvision will start the Enjin deployment by first integrating JumpNet. JumpNet is an Ethereum scaling solution that allows fee-free, carbon-negative transaction processing. This is only the first step in an expensive plan on Dvision’s part to become a cross-chain digital universe giant. 

The main goal of the Enjin deployment is to allow users to create and trade NFTs freely. These NFTs can be anything from characters to real estate. The most important benefit comes from JumpNet’s zero-fee capabilities. This will greatly improve user experience on the platform. It will also allow Dvision visitors to expand their NFT collections and create their perfect spot in the metaverse. 


Division liberates NFT trades in the Metaverse

By introducing Dvision to the Enjin blockchain, the company is looking to make NFT creation and trading easily accessible for everyone. This is largely facilitated by the two native tokens – Dvision’s DVI token and Enjin’s JENJ token. 

JENJ will play a central role in allowing visitors to complete transactions on JumpNet. On the other hand, DVI will facilitate other functions around the virtual world. The combination of the two native tokens is what makes the creative process flow smoothly. Currently, the Ethereum blockchain is experiencing difficulties in handling the huge influx of transactions as NFTs become more popular. Consequently, gas fees and transaction processing times increase.

To allow for a smooth experience in the digital universe, Dvision is relying heavily on JumpNet’s zero-fee blockchain and faster transaction processing. 

If you are curious to start your journey in the metaverse and start creating NFTs in Dvision Network on Enjin, all you need is tokens. You can easily swap between ETH, DVI, and JENJ through DappRadar’s new token swap service. Get yourself some tokens and start exploring!

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