Doctor Who Card Game Launches Early Access Alpha

Doctor Who Card Game Launches Early Access Alpha
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Founders Token holders can download an early access build

Doctor Who: Worlds Apart is an NFT trading card game that has officially launched its early access mode. Players who hold at least one Founders Token in their wallets can download an early access build. The build is available only on PC and Mac at the time of writing. 

Doctor Who is a huge TV series franchise, and interest in the upcoming NFT trading card game has been significant. The game holds an official BBC license to use the Doctor Who characters and is created by Reality Gaming Group. Doctor Who: Worlds Apart will allow players to face each other in one-vs-one card battles. Build a strong deck, and beat your opponents to win rewards. 

According to an official FAQ, the early access version of Doctor Who: Worlds Apart won’t have full functionality at the time of launch. Play-to-earn elements will not be available. However, early access players are encouraged to share their thoughts and feedback and report bugs they see while playing. 

What is Doctor Who: Worlds Apart? 

Inspired by traditional gaming giants like Hearthstone, and blockchain-based behemoths like Splinterlands, Doctor Who: Worlds Apart takes the successful BBC TV series to the world of gaming. Own your favorite characters as NFT cards. Create a strong deck, and fight against opponents. 

There are eight different card types in the game. Creatures and Companions are the main damage dealers and blockers in a deck. Moment and Flashes cards allow players to switch up the timeline of the battle, while Upgrades cards allow you to boost the abilities of your Creatures and Champions. Object and Phenomenon cards give additional boosts during gameplay, while Planet cards completely shift the battlefield and transform your deck. 

As all playing cards in Doctor Who: Worlds Apart are represented by NFTs on the blockchain, they are upgradable and tradeable. The more you play and win with a given deck, the stronger the cards in it will get. Importantly, each card’s in-game history is forever stored on the blockchain. The game and all NFT cards live on a custom-built Ethereum sidechain. This solution was adopted to reduce the ecological impact of transactions happening both in and out of gameplay. 

Importantly, in order to join the early access game, players will need to own at least one Founders Token. Founders Tokens give players multiple perks like $245 worth of free NFT card packs dropped into their account. Additionally, holders receive a free “Core Frame Pack” with every new card set. There is also an impressive 20% discount on all pack purchases.

Founders Tokens are available on the official game marketplace, and players can start enjoying the early access. Keep in mind, only 1963 Founders Tokens exist, and there are only three token sales remaining!

Blockchain-based trading card games find success

Trading card games are among the most popular genre of entertainment. Both in the physical world, and in the newly emerging digital universe. With the rise of play-to-earn mechanics and the continuing growth in the blockchain gaming sector, trading card games are becoming a hit.

Splinterlands, a contender for the top spot in terms of user acquisition according to DappRadar rankings, is a trading card game on the Hive blockchain. In the past thirty days alone, the platform attracted 667,310 unique active wallets. The game also generated close to half a million dollars in trading volume. Considering the vast growth Splinterlands has seen in the past several months, Doctor Who: Worlds Apart is entering the blockchain space at just the right time. 

Blockchain-based trading card games are a hit among gaming enthusiasts and crypto enthusiasts alike. With the rise of passive income play-to-earn mechanics, more gamers are finding the benefits of owning in-game NFTs and competing with one another on the blockchain. 

DappRadar will continue monitoring the blockchain gaming space, as play-to-earn gains momentum. To learn more about the space, benefit from detailed game tracking information, and follow your favorite dapp activity by the hour, check out DappRadar PRO. With PRO you’ll get access to exclusive gaming reports first, and have the most detailed analytics information out there. Learn more about DappRadar PRO here

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