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Frutti Dino Stories
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Interact with your Dinos and create unique Dinos for the upcoming Frutti Dino games!

Frutti Dino Stories is now available worldwide on Android, offering engaging gameplay and collectible cute baby dinosaur characters. In Dinoverse, the ecosystem of Frutti Dino, players can enjoy features such as the Fusion System, Derby events, Mint After Play, and more. Plus, the game offers a unique and exciting experience by allowing users to truly own their Dino as NFTs. 


Frutti Dino Stories global beta launch

If you enjoy games with cute art styles, vibrant colors, and casual gameplay on the go, then the mobile-friendly Frutti Dino Stories is a game you should check out. This delightful game, featuring adorable baby Dinos, made its global debut on 10th  April for Android devices (excluding South Korea, China, and Vietnam), with an iOS version coming soon.

Frutti Dino Stories has evolved since its successful soft launch in Australia and Singapore. It was ranked TOP1 casual game on Google Play in Australia. Thanks to valuable player feedback, the game now offers an even more captivating and enjoyable experience.

The global beta version of Frutti Dino Stories brings several exciting new features, such as Mint After Play (MAP), the Fusion System, Frutti Book, and more. Combined with unique cutscenes for each Dino and enhanced in-game tutorials, a dino-mite adventure is guaranteed. 

Dive deeper into Frutti Dino Stories’ game features

Frutti Dino Stories is set on the magical planet Atusia, where players raise adorable baby dinosaurs and embark on adventures with them. The game is designed to introduce Web2 gamers to Web3 in a user-friendly manner through its well-crafted gameplay.

Frutti Dino Stories

Raise your own Dino and Mint After Playing

Frutti Dino MAP

Presently, many Web2 users perceive the Web3 environment as unfamiliar and intimidating. Terms like NFT, secret phrase, wallet, and block explorer can be particularly challenging for those not well-versed in such a new digital landscape. This complexity may deter these users from transitioning to Web3. 

To address this concern, Frutti Dino has implemented a novel strategy called MAP (Mint After Play). This user-friendly mechanic enables players to mint an NFT without realizing they are doing so. As a result, it allows Web2 gamers to explore the world of Web3 seamlessly.

In Frutti Dino Stories, players have the opportunity to raise and nurture their baby Dino before it becomes a fierce fighter. This process involves monitoring its hunger, happiness, and cleanliness levels. 

Keep them well-fed with fruits, clean by bathing them at the beach, and happy through exciting treasure hunts. But, most importantly, ensure they get enough rest to recover their energy for various actions.

Then comes the most exciting part. Once fully grown, users can “awaken” their Dinos, which means minting them to NFTs on the official website. The NFT-based characters then later can be used in other NFT games using Frutti Dino’s IP. Through this engaging process, Frutti Dino aims to help users become familiar with Web3 features organically.

Learn how to mint a Dino NFT by watching the video below.

The Fusion mechanism

Frutti Dino Fusion

Your Frutti Dino has so much potential; the Fusion system can help it shine. This system in Frutti Dino Stories allows players to customize their Dinos further by combining them to obtain desired body parts, enhancing their rarity and value in the game.

It is worth noting that Fusion is available for Dinos at level 30 and requires at least two such Dinos and sufficient Amber Shards. Amber Shards are essential resources in Atusia. They can accelerate a player’s game progress, activate various game enhancements to boost their performance, and help achieve goals faster. 

Frutti Book

Frutti Book

Frutti Book lets gamers unlock fantastic rewards by collecting both pure Dinos and limited parts. 

Pure Dinos are identified by having the same properties for the head, back, and tail (excluding nose and eyes). Players can grow their own pure Dinos or acquire them through the Fusion system. Limited parts are obtainable via Theme evolution or Fusion, with certain parts exclusive to the Fusion process.

As players complete collections, they unlock rewards and uncover the distinct personalities of each Dino.

Get ready for Frutti Dino Derby Season 3

Frutti Dino Derby

Special events are also an appealing part of the Frutti Dino game.

Frutti Dino Derby is a free-to-play seasonal event that offers players a chance to compete for lucrative rewards. Season 3 is live and offers fantastic updates, a diverse range of events, and unparalleled perks. The rewards package includes 7 BNB, 7,000 FDT tokens, and 2 rare Dino NFTs (worth over $400).

Frutti Dino Derby Season 3 runs from April 10th to June 15th (UTC) and offers various challenges such as Derby Point, Total Bet, and Win Streak. By performing well in these challenges and competing against others, players can win different prizes throughout the event.

Join Frutti Dino Derby Season 3 now and take part in the thrilling challenges to win exciting rewards.

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