Digital Homeowners Get to Design Their Apartment Today in WorldWideWebb

Game makers call the update their ‘biggest release yet’

Users holding a WEBBLAND NFT for WorldwideWebb can soon create their own virtual home. The metaverse platform reaches another big milestone as it launches its Apartment Builder today. DappRadar takes a look at some of the key features and on-chain activity associated with the project.

Worldwide Webb launched in November 2021 as an ‘interoperable, dystopian pixel art metaverse’. Heavily inspired by Ready Player One, it’s an MMORPG with a heavy emphasis on interoperability. They aim to give utility to popular NFTs across a wide variety of different projects.
The latest update, Apartment Builder, is the next big milestone on WorldwideWebb’s roadmap. It allows players to build out the game universe, thus giving some control over the platform’s future direction to its community. NFT holders can build their own apartments, showcase other assets or use it for community social gatherings.

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The update includes the introduction of various new features that all aim to promote community participation:

  • Free build mode – This is accessible by anyone, as a try-before-you-buy feature. Free build acts as a sandbox and is not a part of the full game. Users are encouraged to be bold and get creative with their apartment designs.
  • Choice of apartment size – Sizings go: Small, Medium, Large and Penthouse. For now, larger apartments have a simple purpose: they allow for larger builds. Apartment Builder also allows players to define their room floor plan.
  • New items – The new update is launching with hundreds of different items for users to stock their rooms with. Some are variations on the same item; for instance, different types of chair. And others can be combined to; for example, a lamp can go on a desk.
  • NFT display curation – Worldwide Webb uses a pixel shader rendering to allow players to display any NFTs they might hold. 
  • NPC functionality – Gamers can add non-player characters (NPC) to their new designs. Any NFT that’s integrated with Worldwide Webb can be placed into an apartment as characters or pets.
  • Improved customization – It’s up to builders how they want to design their apartments. And they have many options for customization. Game testers have already come up with different room variations, some of which you can see below.
One design with a focus on displaying art
What are we calling this? A boat room? Or is it a room boat?

Some on-chain analytics

The floor price of land in Worldwide Webb currently sits at 2.59 ETH ($6,828) and the 90-day average price is 1.33 ETH ($3,506). With a steady stream of updates in the pipeline, that number could continue to rise. In the first half of 2022, players can expect to see:

  • The release of open source code for game development/metaverse progression
  • A Pokémon-style battle engine for in-game progression
  • A PvP Mario Kart-style racing game
  • Migration to DAO with governance based voting

There has been a 9.55% increase in the number of unique active wallets interacting with Worldwide Webb smart contracts. And the number of transactions has gone up by 37% to 2,950. At the time of writing there are 9,069 LAND NFTs spread out over 4,811 different wallets. 

WorldWideWebb’s 30-day analytics

30-day data does not constitute a strong trend for us to make predictions with high probability. But Worldwide Webb’s robust roadmap and openness to interoperability means the platform is one to watch now and in future. Stay locked in with DappRadar to get the latest updates on this project and all other news from the decentralized space.

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