DeFi Kingdoms Takes Over the Gaming Spotlight

DeFi Kingdoms Takes Over the Gaming Spotlight

Virtual worlds make a comeback, as token prices soar

DeFi Kingdoms is the undeniable leader in this week’s top 10 blockchain games. With impressive user base growth and a huge uptick in the valuation of its native token JEWEL, DeFi Kingdoms ranks first. 

With DeFi Kingdoms in first place, it’s also the first time a project on Harmony blockchain tops the charts. Following closely we have play-to-earn giants Alien Worlds and Splinterlands. Interestingly, virtual worlds like The Sandbox and Decentraland are making a comeback following an incredibly strong week for their native tokens SAND and MANA.

Blockchain games have been at the forefront of crypto activity in the past several months. With this weekly article, DappRadar looks at the hottest gaming dapps. To compile this ranking, we’ve taken into account on-chain activity, NFT trading volumes, token valuations, and news and events surrounding each dapp.

Browse around the full list of the top 10 blockchain games of the week and click on the respective image to learn more about each platform.

defi kingdoms

DeFi Kingdoms takes center stage this week thanks to an impressive price surge of the game’s native token JEWEL. The token saw its valuation skyrocket 67.3% to about $14.35 at the time of writing. Additionally, DeFi Kingdoms attracted more than 81.000 unique active wallets, boosting its performance from the week before.

The Harmony-based game is revolutionizing the space by combining all aspects of the industry and bringing DeFi and play-to-earn together. Thanks to the growing popularity of this concept, and the steep token value appreciation, DeFi Kingdoms takes the top spot in this week’s top 10 blockchain games.

Wax-based giant Alien Worlds climbs the charts this week thanks to an impressive user base. In the past seven days, 542.800 unique active wallets connected to the platform, making it the most visited gaming dapp on the list.

What’s more, Alien Worlds’ native token TLM saw its valuation grow by more than 13%. This steep price hike attracted even more attention to the game, as players flocked to mine TLM. Climbing up four positions compared to last week, Alien Worlds outperforms long-time competitor Splinterlands, which now ranks third.

Trading card wonder Splinterlands climbs five places compared to its ranking last week thanks to an ever growing user base. The dapp attracted 521.010 unique active wallets, making it the second most-visited game in this week’s top 10. 

Importantly, Splinterlands team revealed the designs and powers of the 2 new airdrop cards part of the Chaos Legion campaign. This brought additional excitement to the Chaos Legion pool and campaign, while also boosting activity in the Splinterlands ecosystem.

The NFT farming game Mobox climbs the ranks and reaches 4th place this week thanks to an incredible performance of the game’s native token MBOX. MBOX saw its price rise by more than 25% reaching $6.36 at the time of writing. 

Additionally, Mobox has launched an “advent calendar” rewards event, which attracted more players to the platform. In the past seven days, the game recorded 132.770 unique active wallets.

The metaverse and virtual worlds are making a comeback in the weekly top 10 blockchain games with The Sandbox. The leading virtual world generated close to $18 million in NFT trading volume. Impressively, the value of the native SAND token also saw a 26% price increase in the past seven days.

Additionally, The Sandbox saw the end of the first Alpha playtest, which brought a lot of excitement in the community. Considering the success of the this Alpha season, The Sandbox announced it will launch season two, and open up more play-to-earn opportunities for fans. 

Axie Infinity has continued its upward trajectory, with more than $51 million in NFT trading volume in the past seven days. Thanks to improvements to the use and mechanics of the native token SLP, Axie continues to draw in players looking to make a passive income through play-to-earn. 

In the past week, Axie also launched an extensive charity campaign to help the victims of Typhoon Rai, which ravaged through the Philippines recently. As Axie Infinity has a huge following in the affected countries, several guilds combined efforts to aid the relief efforts. 

Decentraland is the second virtual world that makes it in this week’s top 10 blockchain games. The platform experienced a stellar week in terms of user acquisition and NFT sales, generating more than $70 million in trading volume in the past week. 

What’s more, Decentraland’s native token MANA also saw a huge boost in value increasing 19% in the past seven days. The virtual world also organized a “Find Krampus” Christmas event, which rewarded one lucky winner with an RTFKT sneakers NFT.

Real estate game Upland drops several positions in this week’s ranking as other virtual worlds and gaming dapps saw a lot of price action on their native tokens. Even so, the EOS-based platform managed to attract 231.790 unique active wallets in the past week.

Upland also announced a major update to the world map with the introduction of the Oakland expansion. The expansion includes two new neighborhoods called Almeda and Berkeley. These new regions will become available on December 29th. 

defi kingdoms

NFT Worlds makes it in this week’s ranking thanks to important news regarding the upcoming native token WRLD. The team behind the platform announced that the first airdrop snapshot for the upcoming WRLD token has been taken. The first WRLD airdrop will take place between December 26th and 27th.

As interest in virtual land continues building up, NFT Worlds aims to complete its ecosystem by launching WRLD. Looking at the ranking so far, virtual worlds like The Sandbox and Decentraland are benefiting immensely from this increased attention, as the prices for their native tokens keep rising. 

deFi kingdoms

Farmers World makes it to the last spot in this week’s top 10 blockchain games thanks to important updates to the security of the platform. In order to make the dapp more secure, the development team has introduced two-factor authentication for players. 

This allows players to benefit from increased security over their in-game assets, and also facilitates easier use on multiple devices. In the past week, Farmers World attracted close to 80.000 unique active wallets, generating upwards of $1 million in NFT trading volume. 

DeFi Kingdoms brings Harmony to the stage

DeFi Kingdoms has been on a winning streak for the past several weeks. Attracting thousands of users on a daily basis, the dapp has seen incredible growth. Most importantly DeFi Kingdoms brings Harmony to the forefront of the blockchain gaming space. While traditionally gaming is associated with either Ethereum, Polygon, or Binance Smart Chain, DeFi Kingdoms breaks this cycle. 

DappRadar will continue monitoring the gaming space as more developers turn to even more protocols. Stay tuned as the new year is just behind the corner and the gaming sector will continue its positive streak. Check out the latest DappRadar Yearly Dapp Industry Report for a recap of what happened in 2021. What’s more, you can now benefit from DappRadar PRO, which gives you the most up-to-date blockchain data for the whole industry. 

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